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Phase 2.. Wulf Boy Social Club: The Portal and… | by Chase Wentzell | Jan, 2023

Wulf Boy Social Club: The Portal and what awaits.

From the start of the project, there has always been 3 phases to Wulf Boy art; Phase 1 being pixel, Phase 2 being digital, with Phase 3 not yet to be shown. The idea behind this was to show the same character, progressing or “phasing” through different art forms — while keeping the collection completely non-dilutive.

This was not a new concept, so the question became, “how do we do it differently”? Our idea was simple in theory, but became difficult in reality when we had realized no one had done it like we had planned.

The Idea:
To be able to “phase” back and forth between the different forms of Wulf Boy as you please, all showing within the same collection page. (I.E. some Wulf Boys will be shown in Pixel art, while others will be shown in Digital.)

We had seen multiple other projects do “evolving” or “changing” the art of the original tokens, like our friends over at Cryptoon Goonz’s doing their Wonky World collection, or Feline Fiendz having a built-in function, like a “slideshow”, to switch back and forth between the different styles. So, this brings us back to the question at hand, “how do we do it differently”?

The Issue:

How do we let the owner of each Wulf Boy choose the phase of art they want to display on-chain, within the same collection page?

The Solution:

Creating our own platform that is connected to an off-chain database that stores all Wulf Boys and their respective phases of art.

This now allows you as the token owner to connect to our platform, view the Wulf Boys you own, confirm which phase of art you want to display on-chain, refresh the metadata — and boom. Your Wulf Boy(s) are now phased. Completely gas free, and you can go back and forth as many times as you please. (Seriously, completely gas free)

The Alpha:

The reason why Wulf Boy Social Club having this tech is so special is because our opportunities are endless. Trait edits or changes, seasonal trait add-on options, purchasable limited edition traits, branding partnerships with trait changes, festivals, community events, Proof of Attendance Protocols, and so much more.

The Conclusion:

Phase 2 is more than art, and if you’re here — you’re early. With Phase 2 comes a whole new focus for the project; our Brand as a whole. We aren’t just an NFT project, we’re a lifestyle brand that will be in Web2 and Web3 for many years to come. An art and community based project, with amazing technology that will allow us to constantly evolve, and stay liquid with our community’s wants and needs. We thrive in the flames and the doubt drives us. See you at the top.

Now, are you ready to enter the portal?

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