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Popular NFT Artists | Collector’s Corner Edition #2 | by Kolect | Jan, 2023

Artwork by @KristinaArtNFT, @kistochka_ui, @ElizMilart, Artists Presented by @ryan2d970, @pdGod_00 & @226266bamboo

Every Sunday we shine the spotlight on Twitter looking for the top NFT Artists on Twitter. The thread is filled with independent artists showcasing their best works and sometimes collectors stop by and share works by their favorite artists. You can expect 300–500 works of art every Sunday, and we highlight the most popular entries every week.

This Sunday we had three collectors take time our of their day, to share some pieces they have collected from their favorite artists, while also showcasing some of their available works. The Artist Network showcased 4 pieces from Kristina 🖤ART🧩, PD selected 4 works from 🌙ELIZMIL to share, and ryan.2d.eth the collector who brought us 💙Nina 🧩on our Christmas Showcase returned to show off her work again, for Collector’s Corner.

Bulls Eye

The Bulls Eye by Kristina 🖤ART🧩 & Collected by The Artist Network

Straight to the heart, this powerful piece gives you a first glimpse into the diary of Kristina, as that is what she uses her art for. Now imagine if this is on the cover, how much deeper the rest of the pages of this diary must go.

Bulls Eye is part of Kristina’s latest NFT collection on OpenSea and is currently owned by The Artist Network (#TAN). She has had 4 SOLD OUT collections so far, and we don’t anticipate that to slow down anytime soon.

The Artist Network Presents @KristinaArtNFT

When you understand that Kristina uses her art as her diary, and then you see her collections, you can connect with her in a way only art can allow. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can own a small piece of her art, her time, and a slice of her thoughts and feelings that day.

Look at the wild range in just these four pieces, and buckle up for a roller-coaster ride through the rest of her collections.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit by Kristina 🖤ART🧩 & Collected by web2_berliner

From daggers to the tree of life, destruction to creation, killer to lover, this collection will hit you from every angle you can imagine, and some that you cannot. Forbidden Fruit was collected less than an hour after it minted, so you probably won’t bid high enough to pry this one away, but you can always try, if you dare.

Heavenly Mirror

Heavely Mirror by Kristina 🖤ART🧩 & Collected by Dana_Sh

You are still out of luck if you are in love with this one, but maybe make an offer? Or, check her entire collection on OpenSea.

💡💡Collector’s Tip! Follow Kristina ART on Foundation directly to get notified when she drops something new.


Familiar#9 by 🌙ELIZMIL

🌙ELIZMIL is a traditional and digital artist, who loves pigs, she creates familiars and she has a massive following on Tik Tok (1.4M) and IG (365k). We welcome her to Twitter, with her BDSM inspired Huckleberry Finn style that is distinctly her own. Familiar#9 is owned and was auctioned off with 3 bidders participating.

pd Presents @ElizMilart

Old School Familiars

Old School Familiars by 🌙ELIZMIL

Line drawing is a classic style or art used heavily in comic books and old school cartoons. This retro style never gets old, and truly shows the talent and versatility of Eliziml. Old School Familiars is owned by pd, and we are stoked he is bringing it out to show.

This popular NFT artists drops have a tendency to sell out minutes after they drop, or have multiple bidders at the auction.

💡💡Collector’s Tip! Follow 🌙ELIZMIL on both Foundation & OpenSea to get Drop Alerts🚨🚨

C inside

c inside by 💙Nina 🧩

Nina has an incrdible range of style. Do not mistake her kindness for weakness. As you can see, from C inside she is not afraid to peel back the layers and go beneath the surface where wonders and shadows lurk.

She has over 100 artworks across various collections.

ryan2d.eth Presents @kistochka_ui

White Horse

White Horse by by 💙Nina 🧩

In stark contrast the fantstic beauty in World of Wonder, is Masks of Society. The mask collections are broken into two parts and depict both men and women in a variety of intense situations proudly donning their masks while going about their day.

When you see Don’t Burst My Bubble, you understand this artist understands contrast, and that you can’t have light without dark, and without rain there are no rainbows. Duality exists within everything, creation and destruction, and when you have the time to go through each of these artist galleries you will see a little something of all of it.

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