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Poetry in the Metaverse. The importance of poetry in virtual… | by Nate Lost

The importance of poetry in virtual worlds.

I write a lot about the metaverse for my 9 to 5: World’s built for virtual and augmented reality — virtual playgrounds with stores, parks, concerts, art galleries, games, & all sorts of shit you can and can’t find in-real-life (IRL). Yes — real life has become an acronym in this space.

One of the reasons the metaverse, or the idea of it, is blowing up is because for the first time in history, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bring scarcity to digital assets — ie. songs, photos, digital art, poetry. Now users of the metaverse can buy and sell and prove ownership of digital assets. In other words, instead of Facebook owning all your shit — you can make an NFT and own it yourself. And in metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland you can buy a piece of land and open up a storefront to sell your NFTs. You can even make money on secondary sales.

No matter what you think about the metaverse, there is tons of potential for creators in this space. And because I write and record verse in my spare time, I’ve been thinking a lot about poetry in the metaverse. If the metaverse is going to survive, I believe, it must have dope poetry.

That’s why I’ve been in the studio working on a metaverse sound-poem project. It’s called “Raspberry,” a small book of poems recorded with Mr. Jungle in Mexico City. Here is the first poem for the book, which I hope one day it will accessible in the metaverse.

Artwork by Goku.

I’d like to collaborate with digital and 3D artists to bring the remaining poems to life, and eventually mint the poems on the blockchain so that they can be enjoyed in virtual worlds. If you’re an artist interesting in working on a poem, hit me up.

If you’re more of a traditional reader and want to support the art, the physical IRL book is available here. Thanks for reading & listening.

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