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A-Z of trading your fractional NFTs on Nibbl | by Nibbl Team | Nibbl | Jan, 2023

Buying or selling fractional NFTs on Nibbl is easy. You can trade as much as you want, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Connect your wallet

First, you connect your wallet and ensure that you’re on the Polygon network.

Click on the fractional NFT you want to trade

Out of the available fractional NFTs, choose the one you wish to trade.

Input the amount of MATIC you wish to trade with

Under the Swap section, you’ll see a box labeled ‘Pay in MATIC’; input the amount of MATIC you want to trade with.
You can also decide to input the number of fractional tokens you want to buy. When you do this, its value in MATIC will appear in the ‘Pay in MATIC’ section.

Tap on ‘Swap’

Tap on the Swap button to complete your trade.
You should receive your fractional tokens immediately.

Now let’s explain some of the terms you’ll see on the Trade page

Slippage is the difference between the expected price you wish to pay for a fractional token and the actual price. It occurs when you buy or sell an asset at a higher or lower price than intended.

When you set your maximum slippage rate, you’re setting the lowest amount of tokens you’re willing to get for a particular price.

Let’s say you want to buy 10 Doods at the price of 5 MATIC. Setting your maximum slippage to 1% might mean you get a minimum amount of 9.8 Doods instead of 10. So when you choose the 1% slippage rate, you’re willing to get 9.8 Doods instead of 10.

This is a real live representation of all the trading activities of your selected fractional token. You get to see each wallet buying and selling and the number of tokens they are trading.

Under the numbers section, you’ll see all the numerical details of the fractional NFT you wish to trade. The details you’ll see are:

Current price
This is the current price of the fractional token you’re trading.

Trade Volume
This is the total traded volume of the fractional tokens of the NFT.

Buyout amount
This is the amount needed to buy out the entire fractional tokens of the NFT. Read more about our unique buyout game here.

This is the available supply of the fractional tokens of the NFT.

This is the available liquidity of the fractional tokens of the NFT.

This is the valuation of the fractional tokens of the NFT.

Top Holders
These are the top holders of the fractional tokens of the NFT.

Trading is one of the main activities you can perform on Nibbl, and we hope this short article answers all of your questions.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us on Discord.

Learn more about Nibbl by visiting our website. You can also join our Discord and Telegram. Follow us on Twitter.

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