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How to Launch NFTs on Instagram?. The Meta-run visually-focused social… | by Scott | Secruity Token Offering | Jan, 2023

The Meta-run visually-focused social media network Instagram recently introduced features allowing users to share their non-fungible tokens as posts on the platform. The platform sees the move as a way to venture into the NFT space. Now, the feature is available globally, with many users enthusiastically becoming part of the Web3 side of the platform. Meta, the parent firm of Instagram, has already poured in billions to develop Web3-focused applications, and this feature is an outcome on the way. If you are a creator and you want to display your NFT collectibles on Instagram, this article could offer great help.

Before going forward to launch your NFTs on Instagram, you need to know that the platform currently supports the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Flow
  • Solana

We should note here that people can buy, sell, and launch NFTs supported by the Polygon network directly on Instagram, while NFTs from other blockchains can be shared as posts.

  • MetaMask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet
  • Dapper Wallet
  • Phantom Wallet

After ensuring that your Web3 profile includes one of the above possible combinations, you can begin launching your NFTs on the platform.

First, connect your wallet by visiting the “Digital Collectibles” option found in the menu. A notification will appear that explains the process involved and takes you through it. If you own multiple wallets, you can connect them easily by selecting the “Add Wallet” option. Since wallet connection is a one-time process, the difficulties of lost login IDs and passwords are eliminated.

After the wallet is connected, you can see all NFTs you have there. To share an NFT as a post, you can tap the “plus” icon on the top right corner, similar to posting any other content on Instagram, and click “Post.” An exclusive verified tick sign will appear on your library, and you can select an NFT from there. You can also add descriptions to be shown in the feed before launching it on your feed as a post.

When you share your NFT as a post, the tag “Digital Collectible” will appear at the bottom of the image, and you will be tagged as the creator or owner of the collectible.

Instagram checks the ownership of the posted collectibles using publicly-verifiable blockchain data available on the networks. The application verifies by checking the associated wallet address.

Users can find your NFT collectibles on their feeds and the Explore page’s grid and interact by liking, commenting, and sharing them in their stories, creating traction around your Instagram handle.

What do you think of Instagram’s move to support “Digital Collectibles?” Will it be vital in making Web3 mainstream? I believe so, and I would like to know your thoughts on the comments!

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