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Popular NFT Artists from the #SundaySpotlight Jan 15 & 16 2023 on Twitter | by Kolect | Jan, 2023

#SundaySpotlight on Twitter Showcasing #NFTartists with < 2,000 Followers

These AMAZING 20 #nftartists are flying under the radar. Each one of the artists we are shining the spotlight on today has LESS THAN 2K Followers on Twitter, and we are baffled! The #SundaySpotlight last week began trending on Twitter within 6 hours of launching the initiative and the #hashtag began popping up everywhere.

Today we are going to highlight some of the best #nftartists we found from the #sundayspotlight madness from last Sunday as we prepare for this next Sunday!

#SundaySpotlight is a community initiative led by @avril15NFT, and supported by @thehugxyz, and several other artists + collectors.

All applicants will be considered for and our email newsletter with 4K subs!

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DebbieSoon.eth Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Abstract Art

Abstract art speaks to so many, and tends to cross any kind of language barrier. These beautiful pieces were created by two very talented NFT artists. RoseJade.eth is a self taught water color NFT artist, a marketing strategist & consultant, and uses colors and poetry to accent her art. Jawbone with a mere 198 followers is an artist, writer and musician.

Watercolor Meets AI by RoseJade.eth || Bcard 126

RoseJade.eth uses color as a secret weapon. You can see it by the way it’s sprayed across her galleries on Foundation. A veritable storm for colors and joy await you with Rose Jade and Watercolor Meets AI.

Watercolor Meets AI by RoseJade.eth || Bcard 126

Abstract Realisim by Jawbone

Jawbone draws inspiration from everywhere. Whether illustrations, the NY disco, light falling across the bedroom wall, literature, sci-fi, and even vintage children’s’ books. Jawbone enjoys exploring ideas of transmutation, transfiguration, and transcendence as themes that appear regularly.

Abstract Realisim by Jawbone

After tossing my TV in 2009 and carrying a hot pink bat around the globe, this powerful piece by Amber Umber resonates. We are a little bit shocked she has 1500 followers on Twitter, with this level of talent. Amber has a gallery of over 30 amazing artworks on OpenSea, and Rebekah Bastian recently collected this piece from the Avril15 fan art contest.

Rebekah Bastian Shines the #SundaySpotlight on NFT Artist Amber Umber

Amber is a feminist powerhouse producing epic works that will likely start cropping up in collections who support #womeninnfts. Watch for her, and turn on all the alerts!

Stacy.arty has under 500 followers for now, but if this past Sunday was any indication that is NOT going to last long. When we pulled up the hashtag, we say at least 4 different collectors shining the spotlight on Stacy! She is one to watch, her collectors are raving fans, and it’s no wonder.

Borrowed Faces Collection on OpenSea Cheeky Eve (left) Niko (right) by Stacy.arty

Stacy does something with her art that not everyone can do. She shows you the animal inside yourself, the one you try and hide. The exaggerated features of Stacy’s creations will penetrate into your soul and stir things that need to be aligned within. You will not escape, this artist is growing, and her art is coming for you.

Cheeky Eve by Stacy.arty

Cheeky Eve by Stacy.arty

Boom! We are happy to announce that this Sunday Scorch Beats is not eligible to be called an emerging artist anymore. We see 2007 followers now! Congratulations!

Ego by Scorch Beats

This still image does NOT do justice to EGO by Scorch Beats. GO TO Foundation right now to view this NFT in ACTION, do not pass GO, do NOT collect $200, just Go to Foundation to View EGO in action.

Let the youth lead! Shivayy is a mere 18 years old, and already has a massive gallery on objkt. Creating 2D & 3D artworks that are figments of a vivid imagination.

Chaos by Shivayy

Shivayy shows astonishing skill manipulating these images into masterpieces that range from taking flight, to peacefully sailing off into the sunset, to donning a spacesuit to checkout the latest snowstorm.

Kate Pchelinka has just over 1k followers on Twitter, but that doesn’t stop her art from climbing to the top of the charts when placed with artists who have 10x — 20x her following. Her art is so powerful we consistently see it rise to the top. Kate is a professional illustrator who uses NFT art to allow her passion and creativity to flow freely.

My wounded soul….

My wounded soul..

My wounded soul…
This illustration is very personal to me, it symbolizes my inner state, pain, longing, hopelessness and despair. I won’t be the….continue

Avegoshi has five collections on Foundation alone with 135 NFTs. The three epic pieces showcased below are from the Pioneers collection.

These playful illustrations have a childlike innocence about them while taking on darker themes related to overloading oneself, doing to much, and the chaotic enjoyment that can come from riding the wave.

Repetition by Avegoshi

I don’t know an artist who can’t relate to Repetition. Round and round we go. Amazing piece, that shows us the insanity that goes on in the minds of a brilliant creator.

Alena is an NFT artist who incorporates her love for animals and her passion for self care into her works to remind us all to be kind to our human selves. Quiteness & Caution are both from Alena’s Humanized Collection on Foundation.

Alena’s next collection to watch for will showcase what happens when you awaken the beast inside of you. We can’t wait!

Fairly new to #NFTart we can see why this artist was showcased this past Sunday. Mossart’s gallery has 8 stunning creations where you can already see her style evolving in just 2 short months.

Art by Mossart

Mosssart is a talented NFT artist who showcases her love for drawing people in her gallery on OpenSea. The bright colors in her drop this week, are showing off her skills, and we are looking forward to this up and coming artist.

Holy smokes! Sekiro66 has nearly 200 creations on Foundation! She has 39 collectors and only 1000 followers on Twitter? Ya’ll we are SLEEPING on this rising star! I Remember TheFuture, But I Have Forgotten ThePast is part of the We Collection.

I Remember TheFuture, But I Have Forgotten ThePast by Sekiro.66

Sekiro.66 is a full time digital artist, and self described dark soul with a kind heart. She illustrates this in her stunning anime.

Aliona specializes in making dreams come true. She is a digital illustrator with an incredible talent for drawing the female form in powerful sassy ways. Her work is sultry, and shows many sides to women that we all know and recognize.

LostMilk.eth Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Aliona🌙 @SnowOrchid_art

Find a dozen works on OenSea by Snow Orchid, and watch for upcoming drops.

Art_DA is a self taught digital artist who has recently added stories to some of her pieces. This is up and coming artist is seen regularly on Twitter supporting other artists in her role as full time reply lady. This new mama has created over 30 original works on OpenSea.

Kolect Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Art_Da

You will experience a wide range of art in Art_DA’s gallery, as she shows off her skills across a myriad of styles.

Katerina Markina is 26 years old and has been drawing for 18. The History of Cats is a detailed collection with history lessons built into every image. If you look closely at the attire and know where the clotihg comes from you may be able to identify the cat breed as being from that area, even if you know nothing about cats. On the other side cat lovers will delight in seeing their favorite breeds represented in local attire.

Dariya | NFT.NYC 2023 Shines the #SundaySpotlight on 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐚

Keep an eye out for Katerina’s latest collection in partnership with a budding Chess game on the blockchain. She has recently released the Queen, with more drops coming soon!

Above Mortal World sucks you right in. Is that a reflection in the sky? Is it two realities intersecting? The depth of the piece, and the detail paired with the colorway is soothing, and haunting, and hopeful all at the same time.

avril15 is not a cult, shines the #SundaySpotlight on ᴅʀ. ᴍᴅʀᴀꜱ (📷,💙💛)

Exceptionally talented Dr. MDRAS has created dozens of NFTs across multiple platforms. This talented artist from India showcases a wide variety of styles and is available to collectors across all major chains and marketplaces.

Look at these magical colors and use of light in these gorgeous works by AZETH! These women are so powerful, even the one titled “Despair” has a woman looking right back at you with a piercing gaze that will eat you alive if crossed.

Sekiro.66 Shines the #SundaySpotlight on A Z E T H // NEW DROP

The power in the women that you see in Kelly’s Foundation gallery is hard to rival. This Columbian artist has folklore in her blood, and it comes dancing through in her amazing artworks.

Thao Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Kelly 🗝

I am a Colombian designer and illustrator. I carry folklore in my blood and passion in my heart. My work is a celebration of diversity, but also a call for inclusion.

This is Water from the Elements in Space Collection by galo_arty. Water is one of the five elements, Fire, Air, Ground, and ______. To uncover the 5th element we are going to send you to OpenSea to witness it’s stunning beauty for yourself.

This artist appeared in another spotlight earlier in this article, but we are going to leave this here, as it performed so well on it’s own it made the top 20. Jawbone has a jaw dropping 200 followers, and that seems absurd for the level of amazingness we are seeing right now.

Power of Women Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Jawbone

I’d follow them immediately and keep notifications on! Power of Women was right was definitely right to shine another spotlight on this up and coming artist.

I swear I can hear the circus music in this one and smell the popcorn! Amazing NFT artist z.parkah 💚🕊❤️has outdone himself with Egg on Head and the rest of the land of clowns collection. This magical collection has animated and still masterpieces to choose from, and there are other galleries and collections to explore from this talented artist.

LePro Shines the #SundaySpotlight on z.parkah 💚🕊❤️

Elizaveta is a student of architecture, and an amazing digital artist. This young artist is exploring her style and you can see a lovely evolution of styles through her nearly 2 dozen creations on OpenSea. This diverse and talented yougn lady is certainly one to watch.

Elena Yu Shines the #SundaySpotlight on Elizaveta | Mood: the Winter ❄️

#SundaySpotlight is a community initiative led by @avril15NFT, and supported by @thehugxyz, and several other artists + collectors.

All applicants will be considered for and our email newsletter with 4K subs!

Apply here

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