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Tokapi NFT Marketplace: A Look Back at the Successes and Challenges of 2022 | by Tokapi

2022 was a blast for Tokapi, and we hope it was for you too!

We are truly grateful for the community we’ve been building and for your support.

We’ve faced challenges and celebrated victories along the way, but through it all, remained dedicated to building a thriving community and the easiest way to buy and sell NFTs.
Establishing ourselves in a rapidly growing market was a hard job, but we’re thrilled to see our efforts pay off as we’ve attracted a diverse group of brands, artists, and collectors to our platform.

Let’s take a deep dive into the exciting journey of this past year.

Begun Beta testing with valuable feedback from our users

As soon as the year began, we were prepared to put the platform to the test and release our initial Drops 💧

Thanks to talented artists, we released multiple editions at no cost to our users.

Switched from credits to real Payments

We provided our beta testers with Tokapi credits during the beta testing phase, allowing all participating users to redeem the Digital Collectibles that were released on a weekly basis at no cost.

Notable Marketplace Achievements

In 2022, we accomplished two significant milestones by incorporating Polygon and Ethereum NFTs into the marketplace and enabling credit card payments following a period of Beta testing.

Find a full FIAT payment flow that allows us to accept payments globally, split them up, and pay them out directly to our verified sellers.

The Withdrawal function became accessible on both chains and the website is available in English and German.

Besides limited and open editions, we now have the ability to drop Packs, as we did with the Crypto stamp art collection.

Tokapi is becoming a full-functioning marketplace, constantly introducing new features such as verified sellers and the option to make offers in the secondary market.

Crypto stamp art X Tokapi

In 2022, we introduced our first major drop with the Austrian Post, in collaboration with artist Primal Cypher and his studio Encode Graphics.

Crypto stamp art and The Mercury digital collectibles were available exclusively to buy at Tokapi.

And, we can proudly announce that a second edition is in the works. So, stay tuned for updates 😉

Tokapi Roadshow

In November, we split the team between Portugal and the UK to take our Roadshow across borders, meet with investors for the seed round, and spread the word about Tokapi.

We managed to attend three Conferences — Web Summit, WOW Summit and NFT.London by NFT.NYC.

Won the Pitch Challenge in the category NFTs at Wow Summit, had a booth at Web Summit and met hundreds of visitors and our CEO spoke on a panel about Collectibles at NFT.London.

Webinar launch: “Are NFTs dead?”

2022 was also the year when we launched our first free webinar.

An important project where we discussed relevant topics related to NFTs, including understanding the basics, examining current market conditions, exploring various use cases and their potential, and providing tips on how to make safe purchases.

It was an amazing year and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Join us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Digital Collectibles.

For 2023 we have planned updates to the website design & performance; improving the user experience, and adding new features and functionalities.
Additionally, of course, some exciting drops!

Keep an eye out for what’s to come 👀

Happy New Year

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