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SUI APES NFTS: Puke 2 Earn Ape Club | by nik1981

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NFT tokens, also called non-identical or non-fungible tokens, are a unique type of token that is making a lot of noise today, and the price of some of these tokens reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is better to know that unique tokens have a lot of visual appeal, are welcomed by many investors and celebrities and become one of the most popular financial assets. Also, famous people and celebrities buy NFT tokens and apply them to their profile picture. For example, Justin Bieber bought one of the Castle Monkey NFT tokens and put it on his Instagram profile picture.
Bored Ape Yacht Club is a project that issues NFT avatar tokens based on Ethereum, and you can buy these tokens and have them in your profile picture on social networks. Place or sell.

Currently, a collection of monkeys with a beautiful design and a strong team called Sui Network Platform is being launched.
Puke 2 Earn is a blockchain game with Game-Fi elements on the Sui network. By solving puzzles, players earn in-game currency that can be spent on in-game purchases or cashed out.
The Puke 2 Earn NFT collection contains 10,000 unique NFTs with different features.
The Puke 2 Earn team hopes that the purchase and sale of this group will be very high considering Sui cheap transaction rate compared to Ethereum.
To start the game, users have to get the chance of the game by spinning the wheel of fortune.
Users can spin the wheel of fortune every 10 minutes. The probability of winning the game starts from 9%. Users can increase their probability by holding more toilets. The maximum probability users can reach is 90%.

Sui is a permissionless layer 1 blockchain designed for creators and developers who want new experiences in the web 3 space.
Sui is written in Rust programming language (Solana language) and its smart contracts are written in Move language. Programs written with Move define various operations on assets. Operations such as custom rules for creating assets, transferring assets between new owners, and operations that modify assets.

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