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Announcing WATTTON. WATTTON our first app | by WATTTON

We are proud to announce our first app, WATTTON.

WATTTON is a revolutionary app that incentives users to clean and recycle for rewards!

With NFT, you can now earn from cleaning and recycling.

Wattton puts sustainability into action — not only enabling you to do your part in protecting the environment but also get rewarded for it.

The game-like experience provides you with an engaging goal while encouraging everyone to stay aware of their local trash levels.

Even more, our partnerships with a variety of green companies allow users to collect points they can redeem exclusive offers!

Wattton treats its users to clean and efficient ways of interacting with their local environment.

Whether it’s picking up litter on the ground or at a beach, getting rid of illegal graffiti, or simply informing others about the current garbage situation in real time — Wattton is designed for everybody who wants to participate and make a difference in promoting eco-friendly living standards.

The Wattton app is easy to use. Simply open the app, take a picture of your place, and start cleaning!

You’ll earn Wattton tokens (WTT) for your efforts, which you can exchange for rewards like gift cards, merchandise, and more.

Watton is the perfect way to get your family and friends involved in sustainability. With Wattton, everyone can make a difference!

Download it here!

We will have further events and try to look for Clean heroes to test it out.

Until then let’s clean to earn.

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