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Featuring vomiting monkeys, Puke 2 Earn is an innovative NFT collection new on the scene. | by Goran Manić

Featuring vomiting monkeys, Puke 2 Earn is an innovative NFT collection new on the scene. But are they just another BAYC knock-off, or do they offer something new to the table?

Let’s dive into this intriguing NFT collection launched on the Sui blockchain.

What Are Puke 2 Earn NFTs?

Puke 2 Earn is an NFT collection featuring 10,000 puking monkeys with different traits. Although they look awfully similar to BYAC, there is more than what meets the eye.

The collection will first mint on Ethereum and then on Sui. The holders of Ethereum NFTs will be able to claim identical NFTs on the Sui blockchain once the mainnet launches.

But why mint on two chains?

The decision to launch Puke 2 Earn on both the Ethereum and Sui chains is a calculated one that has different benefits over doing so on just one blockchain.

Puke 2 Earn will be able to offer a more accessible, secure, customizable, and adaptive NFT collection experience by utilizing the strengths of each blockchain, making it a more appealing choice for both collectors and NFT creators. As a result, by purchasing one NFT on Ethereum, the holder obtains four opportunities:

Ethereum NFT

Duplicate Sui NFT

In-game NFT on Sui

Early access to Puke 2 Earn game on Sui

The Puke 2 Earn Ecosystem

Puke 2 Earn features a blockchain game on the Sui network. Players can buy items in-game or cash them out by completing puzzles to earn in-game currency.

The project has designed the game to test players’ quick wits and ingenuity, as they need to decipher puzzles to make the monkey puke and earn tokens. Players must spin the Wheel of Fortune to be allowed to play before they can begin the game. Let’s take a look at the in-game mechanics.

Toilet NFTs remain at the core of the game. Playing the Puke 2 Earn Puzzle Game requires the Toilet NFT. One Puke 2 Earn Ape NFT on the Sui blockchain entitles the holder to one free Toilet NFT. There are five sizes of Toilets, namely XS, S, M, L, and XL. There are also four Toilet features:

Profitability – This metric is responsible for earning BURP tokens. The profit increases as the level rises.

Durability – This metric determines the rate of Health Consumption. Low health levels reduce the effectiveness of BURP/PUKE profits.

Luck – This metric determines the frequency and grade of First Aid Kits.

Mood – This metric is crucial for earning PUKE starting from level 31.

Adding Value Through Different Features

The value of features is distributed at random between the minimum and maximum values for each Toilet while minting. There are four possible colors for the Toilet: white, yellow, orange, or red. The coefficient of difficulty varies depending on the color of the toilets.

Red Toilets are for challenging puzzles, whereas White Toilets are for simple puzzles. Each person has five minutes to solve them.

Players must burn BURP and PUKE to level up the Toilet. When a user achieves Level 31, they must choose between earning BURP and PUKE. Earning both BURP and PUKE at once is not possible.

Toilet Paper is a feature that raises the quality of toilets. The most Toilet Paper that can fit in one Toilet is four. Users can unlock slots for Toilet Paper when their Toilets reach a specific level.

First Aid Kits will be awarded to a player as a prize for winning the game. The First Aid Kit could include BURP, Toilets (Extra Small), and Level 1 or Level 2 Toilet Paper.

Toilet Interbreeding is when the holder pairs two Toilets to produce a third new Toilet. The cost of interbreeding is determined by the number of interbreedings the parent Toilet has and is computed independently for each parent Toilet.

BURP and PUKE Tokens

PUKE and BURP are the native tokens of the Puke 2 Earn ecosystem, used for buying and selling NFTs and in-game attributes. BURP has an infinite supply and is earned by solving puzzles.

The ecosystem burns BURP when:

Minting Toilets

Health recover

Toilet leveling up

Upgrading of Toilets

Opening a new slot for the Toilet Paper

Opening the First Aid Kit

The following variables influence BURP earnings:

Probability of being selected to participate in the game

Time spent on puzzle-solving

Toilet (Size, Color, Features, Level)

Toilet Paper (Type, Level, and inserted Slot Quality)

Each player begins the game with a four daily BURP cap. The daily token cap is 260 BURP at its highest. Users who level up their toilets can boost their daily token cap.


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