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Best NFT Projects to Know About | Bored Hamster NFT

NFTs introduced a new combination of tokens and art to the world and cannot be said to be just digital artwork or cryptographic tokens. For this reason, collections and projects from NFT are popular and have more fans in NFT markets, both artistic and functional.

The artistic part of NFTs does not necessarily include creative and complex arts. Also, things like pixelated and simple paintings can be seen in the markets, such as CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties, etc. In terms of the applications of an NFT project, there are cases where the applications of NFTs are precise. But sometimes, an NFT project starts gathering members, and later, they determine the uses of NFTs. Today in this article, we explain the best NFT projects and how to find suitable projects.

NFTs are created on blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, etc. Each network has its own set of NFTs, but first, you must specify which network you want to work on. Most of the NFTs are on the Ethereum network, but Polygon’s blockchain network has, in a short time, achieved the power of the Ethereum network and contains many NFTs.

Like the Bored Hamster NFTs in the Polygon blockchain network, the OpenSea marketplace is suitable for Polygon and Ethereum NFTs. Most of the famous collections are in OpenSea. On the OpenSea website, you can see the top projects, and you can also search and see many NFTs and check them in terms of the number of collections, the number of owners, the floor price, and the activity.

But “which project is better” or “which are the best NFTs for investment?” It is the concern of everyone who wants to enter the NFT market. Your curiosity to find the best NFT projects is quite inevitable. So first, we will introduce some of the best and best-selling NFT projects.

  • Number of Mints: Minted NFTs and the amount of activity are important.
  • Price: NFTs worth between 0.01 and 0.1 Ethereum are suitable for investment.
  • The number of NFTs in a collection: NFT collections that are 10,000 pieces and are limited in production are more suitable.
  • Road Map: The road map shows the future information of the project, which you can usually check on a project’s website.
  • Usage: Knowing the use of NFT and its path is vital in long-term investment.
  • Social networks: How is the activity level on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc.?
  • Team members: There are projects whose owners are not known. Such projects are usually scams. You can see the team members or the company that launched the NFT from the project website.
  • NFT rewards: Many projects give bonuses to members and owners of NFTs, which will generate multiple profits in the future. Like the Bored Hamster NFTs that provide facilities to the owners of these NFTs in MetaversAE. Such projects will have exponential earnings for buyers.

When choosing a project, ensure that the project’s vision is fulfilled. For example, the NFT platform SudoRare has deleted all social network accounts and disappeared. This project has more than 520 Ethereum worth nearly 815,000 thousand dollars! (Source)

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Also, make sure that the NFTs can realize the applications they have in mind in the future. Applications of promising projects like Bored Hamster are always clear from the start. The owners of such projects advance the project processual and with the continuous growth of the river map. For more information about the status of an NFT project, you can also refer to the following sites :

These websites provide you with complete information about an NFT project. Also, the website of the project and the social networks in which they operate can be accessed on the page specific to each NFT project.

These days everybody is talking about NFTs. Every day, thousands of NFTs are uploaded to various NFT marketplaces. There is no doubt about the progress and expansion of NFTs. But some NFT projects have a different nature, which shows their future developments. If you have wondered which of these NFTs are the best or have ever gotten curious about it, don’t waste more time, and let’s get started with 5 of the best NFT projects! Below are examples of these projects.

Millions of NBA or basketball fans back the NBA Top Shot collection. This collection is one of the best NFT projects for basketball lovers.

Crypto Network: Flow
Buyers: 441,965
Sales: Over $1 billion
Total Transactions: 20 million

This project includes 10,000 unique monkey avatars and has defined more than 170 different values for variables of avatars. BAYC NFTs is one of the best NFT projects and have attracted the attention of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Rappers recently made a music video with their avatars. The Gucci company has also announced that you can buy from Gucci with the NFTs of this project.

It’s a collection on the Ethereum blockchain and is owned by Yuga Labs. It was launched in April 2021.

Crypto Network: Ethereum
Buyers: 11,055
Sales: Over $2.3 billion
Total Transactions: 31,380

Another one of the best NFT projects is rather special for many people worldwide and has grown very well created by Larva Labs. They are 10,000 algorithmically generated 24×24 pixel art pieces of human profiles.

Larva Labs company has launched this project. This company operates in computer games. According to this company, this project was inspired by the London punk movement and the film CyberPunk. The total number of characters of CryptoPunk is 10 thousand. Punks are divided into human, alien, monkey, and zombie punks.
One of the most expensive CryptoPunks has been sold for 124,457 Ethereum.

Crypto Network: Ethereum
Buyers: 5,815
Sales: Over $2.3 billion
Total Transactions: 21,598

generated NFTs early NFT project, and they are getting generated by the developers and NFT designers

Crypto Network: Ethereum
Buyers: 30,055
Sales: Over $1.0 billion
Total Transactions: 162,780

The collection of 20000 NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club was created by minting public sale, and many celebrities share and invest in them. Original Mutant Apes could have cost 3 ETHs. Mutant monkeys, which are another 10-thousand collection from BAYC. This collection was offered to those who had the NFTs of the previous collection.

Crypto Network: Ethereum
Buyers: 21,800
Sales: Over $1.5 billion
Total Transactions: 40,714

MetaversAE is one of the new Metaverse projects that sees bright horizons in its vision. This Metaverse has five different ecosystems, each of which is amazing.

MetaversAE ecosystems include Mars, Under Sea, Spaceship, Modern Natural, and Pixel City. MetaversAE developers plan to sell land in each of these five ecosystems in the future as NFTs that can be bought and sold on OpenSea.

They also have new ideas not seen in any of the current metaverse platforms. I hope you will not be upset with me, but I am not allowed to reveal the future plans of this company.

This project is connected to BAYC collections and is being designed under the supervision of Yuga Labs. This project is a metaverse. Users can be transferred to different metaverses, and more than 10 thousand people can play simultaneously. The NFTs of this collection include lands and metaverse items. Metaverse lands each have resources that will be used later in the game.

This project contained Japanese anime and was developed by chiru labs. Their collection includes 10,000 NFTs and has sold about 29 million dollars so far, and those who buy these NFTs later have a special place in the azuki metaverse.

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has created these 3D avatars, which will later be used in games and the Metaverse.

Cool Cats NFT launched in July 2021. They have 300 thousand different features, and there are 9999 numbers. The NFTs of this collection, like the Bored Hamster NFTs project, allows the owners of this NFT to access the future events of this collection and access the forum.

This collection is designed by the creators of CryptoPunks, characters similar to Minecraft — Roblox. Their NFTs are in the Ethereum network, and their number is 20 thousand. They are used for metaverse and game avatars.

Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro are the three artists who created these 10 thousand NFTs. These NFTs have different variables, and the owners can access products and events.

We have written comprehensive and complete articles on different topics in the field of NFT, which you can read from the beginning of this article. We promise you that most of the information will be new to you. Just click on this to be directed to the corresponding article: What is NFT (from scratch)

It has set up a playground in this game and allows users to create and use Samsung NFT items. For example, Samsung’s foldable phone turns into a scooter, and Samsung TV can be turned into a helicopter. (source)

FIFA has launched this platform, a digital collection platform with the theme of radar football, which is supposed to be for the World Cup. (source)

We all know that Nike is a famous clothing and sports equipment brand. This brand has designed its NFTs in the shape of its shoes and has sold 185 million dollars so far. These NFTs are used in Metaverse. (source)

Of course, the projects mentioned above are among the world’s famous brands, but as we said, their different nature, which shows their future applications, puts them on the list of better projects. However, always keep in mind that famous projects are costly to buy, despite having less risk.

They are the best option for investment projects that have just started and have the characteristics of a quality project. We offer you the Bored Hamster NFT project. In the future, this project will create a different nature for you in the digital world and will bring multiple profits.

In addition, we suggest you check these before you buy NFT from any company.

In a general summary of this article, we mentioned the top NFT projects and the reasons for the quality of a project. The NFT industry is a new world that has been formed with the blockchain network and the existence of cryptocurrencies, and for this reason, they are somewhat similar. Therefore, understanding cryptocurrencies and their nature help us enter the NFT market.

As the applications of NFT become more apparent, more people enter this field. Millions of dollars of NFTs are moved every day. People interested in the latest technology better understand the prospects of NFT projects, see their future, and enter this flourishing market with an open mind. As a result, they also make huge profits because the NFT industry will be an essential part of the human future.

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