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Launching the NFT giveaway. 🎁 Launching the NFT giveaway If you… | by OkPlan

NFT project
NFT project

🎁 Launching the NFT giveaway If you are an active member of the platform, you can apply for participation and receive a collectible NFT from Doradus. Each NFT has hidden content inside it (It can be a gift planet of different ranks or cash) + NFT holders are granted additional privileges on the platform.

🔵 Conditions for participation:

· Only active users can participate in the distribution

· You have an ERC20 wallet

· Active personal deposit of more than $200 OR turnover of the 1st level team of more than $500

· You will be able to get multiple NFTs

· You will be able to install the received NFT in the form of an avatar on Twitter

🔥 Don’t miss the chance to conquer space!

NFT from Doradus
NFT from Doradus

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