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Which NFT Sold for 69 Million Dollars? | Bored Hamster NFT

Currently, the NFT industry and NFT digital arts are trending. NFT has proven to determine the actual ownership of an artwork at any moment, and some people will pay millions of dollars for an NFT. There are currently many expensive NFTs being produced. Therefore, it may not be possible to determine the most expensive NFT because the NFT market statistics are constantly changing. We saw the heyday of NFTs from 2021, how their popularity is increasing every day, and it has gained more enthusiasts.

With the emergence of the blockchain industry and blockchain technology, it became possible to record everything in blockchain blocks and create NFT. This topic attracted gamers first of all. Gamers who convert their game items to NFT easily buy and sell game tools. After that, it absorbed the digital art market, solved the most fundamental problems of artists, and allowed them to sell artworks for several million dollars instantly.

Arguably, the most expensive NFTs so far are digital artworks. The artworks produced in the physical world at the price of millions of dollars have now entered the digital world. But why should a digital artwork cost 69 million dollars? Who paid $69 million for such an NFT? This article explains why this NFT was bought so expensively and who it belongs to.

But before we introduce this expensive NFT, maybe you are among the people who are attracted to this new world because of the astronomical prices of NFTs. Or perhaps you are interested in building an NFT collection by reading NFT field articles about NFTs and would like to enter this fascinating and wonderful world. Or be one who wants to make profits by investing in NFTs. For all these things, you need to know more about the world of NFTs and get a better understanding of the NFT market.

Digital artist Mike Winkelmann’s works, known as Beeple, used to sell for just $100, but today he managed to design an NFT that sold at an auction for $69 million. The name of this work is The First 5000 Days. A digital work sold at Christie’s auction in New York for $69.3 million to an unknown person. According to the Christie’s specialist, “there are some clients who are looking for it with interest, clients who have a lot of influence in the world of cryptocurrencies”. These cryptocurrency investors have a lot of investments in cryptocurrencies and jobs in the same direction. Many of these people spend a lot of money, which has attracted everyone’s attention.

Beeple designed this digital artwork and sold it at an auction for $69.3 million. This work is a collection of sketches, drawings, and animations drawn by Beeple. It means that he worked for 5000 consecutive days to produce this work. Of course, this work is also remarkable and thought-provoking in terms of persistence in doing a task and reaching a specific goal, which is one of the excellent qualities of a successful person.

From the sale of this work until the last moments of the sale, 27 million people followed it through the Internet on the Christie’s website. Meanwhile, Christie’s announced that this is the first time a cryptocurrency has been used to pay for a work of art at this auction, and also the first time an NFT with the nature of a digital artwork has been sold at an auction.

Beeple said that in the last 20 years, many artists have created works of art through software or sold them on the Internet. But this is the first time there is actual ownership using NFT tokens. There was no correct way to solve the ownership problem in the past, but NFT tokens have changed. He said that he believes that a new chapter in the history of art and digital art has been created.

What is an NFT? They are non-exchangeable tokens that are encrypted and registered through blockchain technology. The details of each NFT are recorded in complete blockchain blocks, accurate, transparent, and complete security. It is also permanently available and traceable to whom exactly a digital NFT token belongs and who is the valid owner.

More than 5,000 drawings in one photo, drawn every day since May 1, 2007, to create this picture over 13 years. Beeple decided to draw a digital drawing every day and then present it online. (Due to the copyright laws, To see the image, please refer to the main page of the article on the Bored Hamster website: Which NFT Sold for 69 Million Dollars?)

It must be interesting for you to know that you can see, download and even print these photos for yourself and stick them on the wall of your room through the Beeple-Crap website!! You can buy and read Bipel’s new book about this design, but why should this work be bought for 69 million dollars? Let’s give an example to understand this. Just like the Mona Lisa painting, thousands of paintings are available all over the world and can be easily downloaded and used on the Internet. But can you have the original version? Is it possible to be the definitive owner of the original version of the Mona Lisa painting? This is the evolution that Beeple is referring to in the NFT world. A development that has changed the future of humankind.

You, too, can have your first NFTs right now, be their owner, and enter this strange and wonderful world. Bored Hamster Project’s NFTs have paved the way for you from the beginning with a look at the digital future and will bring you double profits.

This article explains which NFT was bought for $69 million and why it is so expensive. Of course, more expensive NFTs have been created after this, which you can read in the article “Which NFT is the most expensive”. The pursuit of expensive NFTs is one of the characteristics of the NFT world, and it motivates everyone to try to get closer to it, no matter how far they are from the NFT world.

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