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$TALK and $TALK v2, Updates on Moving Forward. | by Talkado Protocol

After a lengthy consultation with members of the Talkado community, we have decided that the Talkado version 2 should be a stand along coin. This means we no longer need to worry about migration issues. And most importantly, we can build on the legacy of $TALK without losing all the efforts we have put into it for the past year.


1. Restore the former website for $TALK — This will ensure that the website description fully matches the features of $TALK in order to avoid the current state of confusion.

2. Move the current website to another domain to be used by $TALK v2.

3. Rebuild the smart contract for $TALK v2 — This is necessary because this new contract will bear a different name and symbol.

4. Launch a new Telegram group for the $TALK V2


1. $TALK v2 will have a total supply of 100M, this will ensure that the USD equivalent of 1$ TALK v2 is less than $0.00008 (within 4decimal).

2. Having the price of 1$TALK v2 within 4decimal will ensure that we do not face the issue of pairing TALK/USDT as we faced in Hotbit and Latoken.

3. Keeping the price of $TALK v2 within a few decimals will be more attractive to investors, this implies that we will get more wallet holders and expand faster.

4. We all know that one of the features of $TALK is to be used for payment in the Talkado nft marketplace, thus, it is very important to keep $TALK price at fewer decimals.

5. We need new investors, to reduce the zeros of the current $TALK and we believe the best way to go about it is to launch another version, attract new investors to it, and then use it to supplement the current $TALK.


Yes, we will still allocate a percentage of the V2 for swapping. The swapping will be done by the project team, we will use the allocated quantity to swap the $TALK and burn periodically. This will mean a reduction in quantity of $TALK and help in price improvement.

Our ultimate goal is to see the success of the TALKADO ECOSYSTEM. With the launch of $TALK v2, we will be able to do a buyback and burn on $TALK. We will also be able to engage in aggressive marketing to promote both Versions as they will have different names.

Are there any other questions that we have not covered here? If yes, do not hesitate to contact us using any of the links below.

We really appreciate your loyalty 💯

Telegram: @TalkadoFamily
Official Website:

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