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Your Sorare cards printed on metal | by Prinft | Feb, 2023

Linking the virtual to the real

Our initial idea was to offer Sorare managers the possibility to print their cards. If you follow us on Twitter, you have seen many printed prototypes that we have been sharing for several months.
Like many small businesses starting out, we wasted too much time setting up our offer.
After reflection, investing so much time in this phase of research and development and wanting to constantly improve our launch offer was clearly a mistake, because by trying to do too much, time passes and nothing is launched.
So we decided to make a decision by offering only 2 products. The concept is actually quite simple, prioritize what we are able to print internally right now.

  • Premium box
    This is our most complete offer to date: 13×18 cm print in glossy varnish on metal + Plexiglas protection also serving as a support + Certificate of authenticity + NFC chip linking the printed card to its digital NFT twin, all delivered in a box personalized with the name of the manager.
  • The single card only
    Our second product for tighter budgets: 13×18 cm print in glossy varnish on metal + mini plexiglass support + NFC chip linking the printed card to its digital NFT twin.
Premium box by Prinft
Watch the full unboxing here :

Card printing

Your card is printed on metal with a technology that allows the ink to really embed itself in the material. This has the advantage of avoiding paper wear (corrugated corners, folds, scratches…) or the tarnishing of inks with time. Your card is not “just a print”, it is a real object that is almost indestructible.

Plexiglas support

Like a piece of art, we also wanted to offer a quality support allowing you to proudly display your Morioka or other Carles Gil card on your desk (special dedication to Zenoob). After many tests, we finally opted for a transparent plexiglass support which gives the card a floating impression which we particularly appreciate.

Certificate of authenticity

At Prinft, the Sorare cards are printed in a unique way. A manager who decides to print one of his NFT cards will get a 1/1 print because it will not be possible to print it a second time with us. In the Premium Box, each card will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity mentioning the information related to your card (printer, date, edition of the card, rarity…). In case of resale of the NFT in the game, the sale of the associated physical card will remain at the discretion of the manager, at the price of his choice. In case of transfer of the physical card, we will be able to propose to the new buyer, the sale of a new box with personalized message, plexiglass etc.

NFC chip

Beyond the certificate of authenticity, it was important for us to offer a way to physically link each printed card to its NFT twin. You will find on the back of your card, an NFC chip integrated in a sticker. You just have to scan it with your phone to get to the web page of the NFT associated to the print.

Personalized message

In Sorare, the rewards represent real moments of emotion. We are sometimes (often) disappointed but when the planets align, the joy is immense! You will certainly want to print out those cards that you have won in rewards first. In order to remember these moments, we offer you the possibility to write a small personalized message for each card ordered.

“Thanks to my Gill who made me win this Rare card from Morioka by scoring at the last minute during the GW110”.

This message will then be printed on a small card (business card size) that can be placed next to your Sorare card, like a trophy and its plaque.

Microfiber fabrics

When you own a beautiful trophy, you want it to shine! But without proper care, fingerprints can unfortunately become your worst enemy. So we’ve added a little microfiber cloth that will allow you to take care of your precious.

Personalized box

In order to offer you a unique unboxing experience, we have gone to the extreme of printing the manager’s name directly on the box. You will receive a personalized box, in hard cardboard, A4 format, whose contents have been meticulously organized and thought out for you.

This is obviously the most “touchy” point. We wanted to offer a high quality product that was also affordable. If you know anything about the printing industry, you surely know that there is a simple way to reduce costs: quantity. But in our case, this economy of scale is almost non-existent because we are on unique products with many customizations (box, message on the small card, unique NFT card).
This point also made us lose a lot of time because our first tests led us to a selling price around 150€ which seemed too expensive. This point was later confirmed during the different interviews we had with several Sorare managers. The psychological price that often came back was “around 100€”.
So we went back to work to reduce the price of our premium product. We are proud to be able to offer it to you below this psychological price of 100€.
Concerning the transport, the expenses being quickly expensive for the user (especially for the weight of our box), and our workshops being located in Montpellier (south of France), we decided to offer them to you for any delivery in Metropolitan France. For the rest of the world, we are unfortunately obliged to propose the fees applied by the shippers.

You will be able to order your Prinft Box for 99€ free shipping in France.

Delivery time and costs

France : free (J+7)
Europe : 20€ shipping fees (J+10)
International (USA, Japon…) : 45 € shipping fees (J+15)

Payment options

We are working on the integration of the crypto payment but for the moment, for the sake of speed and simplicity of launch, we only propose a purchase by credit card. In France, the legislative framework for crypto-currencies is relatively heavy. In particular, the purchase of tangible goods in crypto is subject to a flat tax of 30%. We have therefore opted for a faster launch date but with a fiat CB payment only for the moment.

While we are very proud to have managed to reduce the cost of our premium package to under 100€, we are well aware that this may still be too expensive for some. We have therefore sought to reduce the costs without cutting back on the quality offered and spoiler alert, we have succeeded.
For those on a tighter budget, we offer the card only at 39€. This offer includes:

  • the card printed on metal
  • the nfc chip
  • a small plexiglass easel

(Only available with our premium offer)

At Prinft, we believe that it is possible to combine the digital and the tangible. Blockchain, NFTs and all these topics are so technical and complex to explain that most people mix everything up and end up running away from these types of projects. Sorare understands this because although they rely on these technologies, they remain almost invisible and reduce the friction on the user side.

We have long wanted to offer a process that works the opposite of what is usually done in the world of NFTs. Currently, when you earn Sorare rewards, you get them digitally first and then decide whether or not to print them with us.

Now imagine the reverse. How about discovering your reward during an IRL box opening… Because yes, the tangible remains and will always remain more emotional than the digital! We like to receive a surprise in the mail, to open the box without knowing what’s inside, to open the Prinft box and understand that we receive a Sorare gift… but which one? Which card? Which NFT? We agree that living an IRL unboxing reminds us our childhood and this moment of opening a Panini pack to know “who won”?

Well, you’ll be able to do it because we offer to every Sorare manager the possibility to give an NFT card to another manager.

The idea is simple, as a Sorare manager, you have a card you want to offer, you select it on our site and at the time of the personalized message, you choose the gift option. You enter the delivery information of the person concerned and finalize the order.

Once the delivery is done, the recipient will discover his new Sorare card printed on metal. He will then have to scan the QR code present on the gift card to inform you of the good reception. You will then just have to connect to your Sorare account and proceed to the transfer of the digital card on the recipient’s account.

  • Connect your Sorare acount
  • Select one of your card (Foot, NBA, MLB)
  • Write your custom message
  • Receive your box with a certified premium quality print on metal protected by Plexiglas

As mentioned above, we are currently working on other more affordable products including the small packaged cards. We will launch in the coming months.

The gift card
The idea is to create gift vouchers of different values ​​that you can give to your loved ones so that they can print their cards themselves.

A more affordable product: the pack of small cards
Small format printing for filing cards in a binder

Here is an overview of the rendering we could apply on these cards:

As you may have understood, at Prinft, the desire to link the virtual to the real is part of our DNA. To that end (and as you may have already seen on Twitter) we have developed an augmented reality app that allows you to add additional content on top of your printed map. Scanning your printed card with the Prinft app will allow you to discover, in real time, the player’s L5, its value in €, through a cool little animation, all directly on your phone.

Today we have created a prototype that works quite well but in a limited way. Deploying this type of app to all Sorare cards and for a large number of users, requires an additional development work whose cost would be around 20k€, an amount we don’t have for the moment. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing to work on this part. For example, we create motions, like the one below, that are triggered on the mobile when you pass over Ja Morant’s card 😍 (imagine this kind of rendering in “moments” mode a la NBA Top Shots but applied to Sorare)

As you can see, while waiting to find the funding that will allow us to finish the development of our application (Nicolas, if you’re reading us, it’s a bottle in the sea 😂), we nevertheless made the decision to launch our first product, without including this augmented reality option. We didn’t give up but we had to make choices and we decided.

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