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What we’ll meow in the future?. Our last announcement made a huge… | by Cupcats | Feb, 2023

Our last announcement made a huge impact. So we won’t make this complicated and tell our plans very basicly.

But first of all, it’s almost impossible for us to compete with big projects as WE DON’T HAVE:

As you know (or don’t) Cupcats started as a female artist’s dream, cupkitten never planned to make something huge but things changed with many eyes turning towards us, people had huge expectations but we weren’t good enough, so we failed to meet with those expectations so far.

That doesn’t mean we gave up, we didn’t, but we have a very small team and we are unable to publish updates back to back. This is why we decided to stay silent for couple of months (between 2–4 months) until we finish everything we work on.


This doesn’t mean we’ll be unavailable during this time. We’ll keep being active in the Discord and will do our best on Twitter as long as we have ideas to tweet. We don’t have a dedicated social media person and don’t have budget to hire someone so any help from community would be appreciated.

Our current focus:

Order is not prioritized except this:

General (Related to all projects or non)




For now, these are all we can share. There are more ideas, our brain never stops but first we need to finish some things and prove that we can launch things, then we can work on what’s next.

We are aware of promises we couldn’t hold. For every promise we couldn’t hold, we are dying inside and the stress of it never leaves our team, but that’s also drives us to move forward. We will not give up until we completely fail, but we are also open to any help.

Final note: We are also trying to reach out to IRL brands who could be interested in collabing with Cupcats and potential investors who could move us forward faster, we couldn’t get any results yet but we are trying our hardest.

Thank you for reading this wall of cats.

With love, cupkitten & cupfish.

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