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The Most Popular Cardano NFT Collections (So Far) | by Nathan Simone 👨‍💻 | Coinmonks

How Were the Projects Ranked?

To rank the top five CNFTs for this article, we will be pulling out metrics from (the largest CNFT marketplace) using the “Top NFT Collections” feature ranked by “all time.”

Although this may not be the most scientific of methods, by using the largest CNFT marketplace as our guide and examining the popularity of these collections, perhaps you’ll begin to see why these CNFTs are beloved like no other.

1 — Spacebudz

Comprising a collection of 10,000 animated “Spacebudz” of varying traits and species, from the whacky to outrageous, there’s one thing for sure: they live in space, love adventure, and are enormously popular in the Cardano community.

This dude is ready for SPACE! (Photo from

With a trading volume of just under 37 million ADA and a floor price of 2,875 ADA, it’s clear that these cute and colorful CNFTs are valued for more than just their clever artwork. There are currently more than 3,100 owners in this CNFT community that dominates above all at the current time and shows no signs of slowing down.

2 — Pavia

Everyone has dreamed of possessing their own little piece of land at some point in their lives. While real estate in the “analog world” is fraught with risks and expensive, Pavia has taken Metaverse real estate to an entirely new level by placing plots of land on the Cardano network to be inhabited by any digital pioneer seeking a new frontier.

Ready for your (digital) farm and some (digital) peace and quiet. (Photo supplied by author)

Pavia was the first Cardano virtual world to be owned by its users and currently comprises 100,000 land parcels. With a trading volume of more than 31 million ADA and 17,000 users, its affordable floor price of 175 ADA makes it an excellent value for bullish Metaverse investors and those looking for their own little slice of (digital) heaven.

3 — Clay Nation

Clay Nation is one of these fascinating projects where the physical becomes digital. Composed entirely of 10,000 unique 1-of-1 clay figurines with varying features, this fascinating CNFT collection has attracted a lot of media and cultural attention from famous musical artists like Snoop Dogg and Good Charlotte.

It’s like Play-Doh, but on Cardano! (Photo supplied by author)

Proving incredibly popular inside and outside the Cardano community, this collection recently surpassed a trading volume of 27 million ADA and has more than 4,000 owners. With a floor price of 2,500 ADA and still more clay to mold, this collection will be continually crafted to improve the CNFT community and provide real-world value, as outlined in their “Clay Paper.”

4 — Boss Cat Rocket Club

Cats, rockets, and fantastic artwork. What’s not to love? Billing itself as “ a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space-bound cats,” this cartoon collection deviates from apes or dogs as a crypto focal point and puts cats in the driver’s seat.

Just a kitty smokin’ a cig. No biggie. (Photo supplied by author)

Boss Cat Rocket Club prides itself on having a diverse community of programmers, NFT entrepreneurs, artists, game developers, and community managers to help self-perpetuate the collection into the future.

With a trading volume of almost 23 million ADA and more than 4,000 holders, the floor price of 710 ADA seems like a downright bargain. We can’t give financial advice, but you should do yourself a favor and get one of these boss cats before they blast off into outer space (and price)!

5 — Chilled Kongs

Things can get crazy in the NFT space, no matter what blockchain you are on!

This kong looks like he’s pretty chill. (Photo supplied by author)

Chilled Kongs was a collection meant to bring a little more relaxation back into the CNFT space and has quickly become one of the more sought-after collections. 8,888 unique animated “chilled apes” make up this collection, but they all have one thing in common: they’re experts at enjoying the good things in life.

Why are apes so famous in the NFT space? Perhaps nobody will ever know the answer to such an eternal question, but Chilled Kongs is a welcome addition to any CNFT portfolio. Chilled Kongs recently surpassed 15 million ADA in trading volume and has a floor price of 1,100 ADA. Current ownership sits at a little less than 3,000 holders.

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