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How To Sell Your NFTs? 4 strategies that work 99.3% of time. | by Motif | Apr, 2023

Some people call NFTs ‘the craze that will pass soon’ while some are excited and involved in the game.

After all, there is one truth. The NFT industry significantly shook the world.

NFT is a milestone in the development of art, culture, and the world. In addition, it is a great chance for many artists to come to the spotlight and significantly change their lives.

NFT market is inclusive for all artists. However, with countless creators releasing new collections and individual pieces on a daily basis, competition can be fierce.

Although your artworks are undoubtedly unique, and you are a talented artist, it may not always be sufficient to capture the attention of potential collectors.

In this article, we are going to give you 4 strategies to sell your NFTs. All these strategies are widely used by successful NFT creators to sell their NFTs. Let’s start!

Dominate Twitter

All successful social media figures that could eventually sell their products to the masses got famous from a single social media platform at first.

SaltBae got famous from Instagram. Justin Bieber got famous from YouTube. Charli D’amelio from Tiktok. Elon Musk from Twitter.

If you are after selling NFTs, you have to master Twitter because Twitter is the social media platform for NFTs. Period.

You can ask any successful influencer and he/she will tell you the same. In order to master Twitter, you have to put all your attention on Twitter.

We won’t go into cliché details such as “follow and share to popular hashtags daily”, because you know them and unless you put all your attention to Twitter, you won’t do it daily. By the way, No, you don’t need to work with a “NFT influencer” that will steal your money 90% of the time. You can be sure that none of the real NFT creators got famous by them. You are your own influencer, and you don’t have to spend the money (that you most probably don’t have) to earn money.

All you have to do is to put all your attention to Twitter. “Where the attention goes, your life follows”. Just like a TikToker creates countless videos to finally go viral, you have to create quality content daily — with your art (that you will most probably need to re-create over and over again) and art-only. Your hot pictures, or cool life, won’t make a difference. Your art that your buyer collects will make the difference. Only then you will finally get the attention of your potential customers, that we will explain in the section.

Obviously, you should also share some content to Instagram, and even to YouTube and TikTok as shorts — but, always originate content from Twitter and make sure you are doing Twitter very aggressively. Make Twitter your single most important weapon to sell your art, and over time you will master it.

Target Your Potential Customer

Identifying and understanding your customer is an essential part in any business and without any doubt — for selling NFTs. Not everyone is your potential buyer, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of your target customer early on.

Twitter is a perfect tool for this analysis. When you share your art, who likes it? Who follows you on OpenSea? Who cares about you? You have to identify that person (make sure he is not a bot), go into that person’s profile, find out who he is.

If that person is a collector, then you have to check what he collected one by one, and take notes on what kind of art he collects. When you repeat this for 100 people who like your art, you will soon discover what kind of art you should create to sell. Then what you have to do is to do what works, over and over again — with your own unique style. We’ll go in more detail about “do what works” in the next section.

What I explained above is crucial for your success and actually what a successful salesman does. A successful salesman carefully studies his leads. That person who liked your art is your lead, and the target potential customer. Whether you will make a sale to him and the people like him is hidden behind how well you analyze what they need and how well you can fulfill their needs.

Many people start collecting NFTs according to the Greater Fool Theory, just like crypto investors. Once, they lose money in a downmarket or a rug pull, the ones who don’t quit stay because they stick to things they truly believe. However, things people “truly believe” greatly differ.

When I look at an NFT, 95% of the time, I tell myself “Who buys this *hit!?”. But the reality is someone buys that *hit and most probably that person thinks the same for the *hit I like.

What you basically have to do is to find those people who truly like your NFT creations.

Just like any other business, these people will be the foundation of your NFT business. Your “loyal buyers”. Your “returning customers”. They will continuously buy your collections and keep you alive and far away from quitting. They will see the value you create, and once they see your value, “the greater fools” will make you earn the actual money.

It will maybe take some time to find your first buyers, but over time 10 people will become 100 and 100 will become 1000 and, who knows, maybe those people will be the foundation of your NFT empire.

Your job is to find those people through analysis. One, by, one.

Failure is not a prerequisite for success

A Harvard Business School study found already-successful entrepreneurs are far more likely to succeed again, and the success rate for their future companies is 34%.

But entrepreneurs whose companies failed the first time had almost the same follow-on success rate as people starting a company for the first time: just 23%.

People who failed before have the same amount of success as people who have never tried at all!

Success is the experience that actually counts.

If you create an NFT collection and no collector who has been through trials and tribulations likes and keeps your creation, you have to accept that your collection sucks.

Maybe creating NFTs isn’t your thing? Maybe you should open an OnlyFans account to sell your hot pictures? If your answer is “No”, then you should analyze your target customer and create stuff that sells to your target customer, as we explained in the previous section.

This is exactly how nature works, by the way. Evolution doesn’t linger on past failures, it’s always building upon what worked. So should you find what works, and do what works.

Learn from learning from your successes, not from your failures. When something succeeds, you know what worked — and you can do it again. And the next time, you’ll probably do it even better.

Use Motif

How you present your work is a major factor in how your creations are perceived and whether they’re collected or not.

Think of two art galleries that sell the exact same art in real-world. One gallery sells the art in a beautifully furnished art gallery with perfect lighting and decor. The other gallery sells the art from a catalog. Which one would you buy from?

Your art may sit on the catalog of OpenSea, and you may present your art to your potential customers in this way. Or, your art may sit on the catalog of OpenSea and you may funnel your potential customers to your own sacred place, your own beautiful art gallery, just as the one below:

Lonely Astronaut Collection —

As a person who has been through trials and tribulations, I would buy from the creator who presents her art better. Because when I buy something in crypto, I look for trust above anything else — as other people. I would tell myself “If this artist creates this unique art, she is constantly active on Twitter, she has community of people who like her art and she presents her art in this beautiful art gallery; then she won’t abandon the project and I won’t lose my investment..most probably I will earn from it”. You make the sale after your buyer thinks similar to what I think and takes the risk.

By the way, you know what’s really cool about Motif? When you are launching your collection, you may invite your community of potential customers to your gallery and attend yourself in person. Through the motion-capable full-body avatars, you will altogether gather around your latest art, and you will explain to them the story behind every creation. I may buy a single NFT from your collection, but after talking with you and feeling your vision, I may decide to invest more.

Doesn’t that make your art even more valuable? This is light years ahead than explaining your art through Twitter, and it is actually no different from the artist herself being present in the launch day of that perfectly renovated real-life art gallery.

What’s really important here is being able to communicate with your target customers, because don’t forget, they are your successful foundation and the ones that are keeping you from quitting.

People tend to buy from people they talked face to face because it creates trust. Take online dating as an example. Profile pictures can go only so far, after all you have to meet in person to trust each other. For NFTs, however, the community is generally crypto people, and they won’t like to reveal their identities through cameras. Maybe you don’t want that as well. That is perfectly ok with Motif. Through the motion and audio conference capabilities of the avatars, everybody will present themselves perfectly fine to create that trust you need.

With Motif, the possibilities are really endless. Your space alone can be an art piece, and the representation of who you are and your brand. You can use sculptures and add 3D models from Sketchfab. You can share your camera, your live face gestures, motions, use the interactive whiteboard, multimedia, etc.

On your way to mastering your Twitter, collecting your community of target customers, and getting experienced in creating art that sells, Motif is the perfect place to present your art!

Starting using Motif is very easy. You can create your art gallery now for free and build your community around your work.

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