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Xgang Staking,NFT utility,X-Zombie | by Bogdan Nadejde

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to join a thrilling world of zombie gaming while also earning great rewards? Look no further than Xgang Zombie Hunter, a new gaming project with exciting utility features that take’s gaming to the next level.

Recently, we announced a special staking pool program, allowing users to earn high APR percentages and in-game skins NFT’s.

The staking pools have been named “Bloody,” “Infected,” “Toxic,” and “Rotten,” and each pool has a unique set of rewards for staking XGZH tokens for specific periods.

The Bloody pool provides 18% APR and one NFT called the “Zom-Be-Gone cure syringe” for a minimum of 3000 XGZH tokens staked, with tokens locked for 6 months. NFT supply is limited to 1000.

The Infected pool provides 25% APR and one NFT called the “Zombie Zapper machete” for a minimum of 10,000 XGZH tokens staked, with tokens locked for 9 months. NFT supply is limited to 500.

The Toxic pool provides 30% APR and one NFT called the “Brain Blazter shotgun” for a minimum of 50,000 XGZH tokens staked, with tokens locked for 12 months. NFT supply is limited to 300.

Lastly, the Rotten pool provides 45% APR and one NFT called the “Necro Reaper assault rifle X8” for a minimum of 100,000 XGZH tokens staked, with tokens locked for 16 months. NFT supply is limited to 200.

How users can earn XGZH tokens before any official token sales?

We offer weekly quests on Crew3 accounts, which allows users to earn tokens before any official sale. Moreover, the program on Discord offers users an X-OG role, with tokens being dropped for them and soon we will hold one huge community token air drop.

Additionally, the Xzombie NFT provides access to alpha/beta tests and token seed sales. Xzombie holders who miss the seed sale can still benefit from a 30% discount on the public sale.

Xzombie offers something unique for gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors alike, with exciting staking pools, special programs, and a lottery system.

Holding any 10 of our NFT cards will give you acces to X-Zombie. When the lottery will be over those that hold 10 NFT cards will receive their X-Zombie.

More utility for X-Zombie holders will be added along the way!!!

To add even more excitement to the mix, XGang has introduced a lottery system with 400 winners, with prizes ranging from 1 EGLD to 50 EGLD (4×50 EGLD, 12×20 EGLD, 30×10 EGLD, 50×4 EGLD, 104×2 EGLD, 200×1 EGLD) .

Lottery entries are 0.1 EGLD( NFT card), and doubling the chances of winning can be done by entering the “mint promotion” that offers a limited supply of “mint one, get one free” cards.

Because it’s a new system and no prize’s have been distributed yet, the numbers extracted so far will not count. We believe everyone should have a chance to win.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to join the world of Xgang Zombie Hunters and earn great rewards.

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