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MinarioNFT Launches DAO Incentive Plan to Empower Loyal Members and NFT Holders | by Minario NFT

MinairoNFT has recently launched a new DAO plan. The plan is designed to empower its loyal members and NFT holders by sharing more incentives and rewards for completing simple tasks.

Minario NFT DAO plan is available in Minario Telegram & Discord

Starting on April 18, 2023, the DAO plan will be operational on the MinarioNFT Telegram and Discord platforms.

The DAO represents the initial step towards MinarioNFTโ€™s goal of “Community 2.0”. The DAO mechanism will be enhanced and upgraded over time to provide better roles, privileges, and empowerment to its loyal members.

According to the MinarioNFT team, the launch of the DAO plan is aimed at increasing its user base while also improving and expanding its current infrastructure. To encourage community participation and engagement, the MinarioNFT team has created a claiming token incentive scheme in the DAO for its members and Minario NFT holders.

Members will receive tokens as DAO incentives by completing simple tasks, example: being active members, promoting the platform on social media, inviting friends to join, or taking part in voting.

DAO tasks according group tasks

DAO members will be able to join another level of Community 2.0 by purchasing a digital ticket to participate in a private group and gain access to exclusive events and giveaways, as well as vote on platform decisions. The more tasks a DAO member completes, the more USDT incentives they will earn, increasing their role within the community which providing them with greater rewards.

How regular members can join the community Members of 2.0 would be MinarioNFT members => -> Minario NFT DAO member => Minario NFT Lounge member

How does community 2.0 work

MinarioNFT team believes that throughout empowering DAO members and NFT holders, this DAO plan is fostering a stronger and more engaged community, which will help to drive its growth and success in the future.

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