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Conviction. Hello everyone, Nice to see you again! | by Neogaijin.eth

Hello everyone, Nice to see you again!

We are NeoGaijin, a team of Web 3 builders in a mode of constant learning. Our purpose: build a space that can help to onboard overseas collectors into the Japanese markets. How: through support, education, networking and depth of information.

In this article, we introduce upcoming NFT project “Conviction”

Twitter — Conviction

So what is Conviction?

The Conviction project is a creative endeavor that has captured the attention of many with its unique blend of art and storytelling. It is centered around the idea of Neosaka, a futuristic city where humanity has achieved the pinnacle of technological and societal advancement. Through a series of art drops and online content, the Conviction project invites viewers to imagine a world where their dreams and aspirations can be fully realized. The project has inspired many to reflect on their own convictions and to work towards creating a better future for themselves and others!

— 虚 — Inside Neosaka are the dreadful slums, controlled by the Utsuro Company who spread addiction and corruption. With the bridges heavily guarded, getting in is easy, but getting out is almost impossible.

The Futuristic City of Neosaka

The Team

The Conviction project boasts an incredibly talented and experienced team that is capable of delivering a high-quality product. Headed by Taisheen, who has a successful track record in web2 IP building, the team includes PL who leads the community-building efforts and works towards curating a group of individuals that best align with the community’s goals, Katsumi, an accomplished animator with experience working on Dragon Ball, and Kyou, responsible for building the lore and storyline for Conviction. The team is also all stacked with experienced developers who specialize in DApps and web development. Overall, the team behind Conviction is highly skilled and curated to ensure the success of the project.

Lore / Characters so far…

The Conviction project’s lore features a cast of intriguing characters, each with their unique abilities and motivations.

Smiley, a cyborg with unparalleled hacking skills, is a central figure in the story, using their talents to aid the cause of Neosaka.

Nanami, a charismatic woman, is rumored to be seeking recruits into Neosaka and plays a crucial role in the city’s expansion.

Ken, a formidable swordsman with a mysterious past, adds an element of intrigue to the story. With their superb swordsmanship, Ken is a powerful force in any battle.

J-Rex is a mysterious character in the Conviction project with unclear motives and a reputation for his exceptional sniping skills, leaving fans wondering how many kills he has under his belt.

These characters are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are sure to be more exciting personalities added to the mix as the storyline continues to unfold. The Conviction project’s character development is already impressive, and it will be exciting to see how the team continues to build on these captivating personas.

PFP reveal characters so far

So how to you get involved

Currently the discord is closed and only a select few have been chosen to enter, make sure to follow the twitter and turn on notifications on and grab the opportunity when it arises.

So far what we have seen is the team being very particular in their selection of individuals who are renowned for their community steadfastness. Laying a foundation for Conviction to be built on successfully. There seems to be no rush and the team are taking the time to ensure long term success of the project.

In closing

The Conviction project is shaping up to be an exciting and promising addition to the world of blockchain and NFTs. With a talented and experienced team at the helm, captivating character development, and a carefully curated community, Conviction has all the makings of a successful and sustainable project. The Neosaka dreamland and the storyline surrounding it are intriguing, and it’s exciting to see how it will unfold in the coming weeks. With more characters yet to be revealed, there’s a lot to look forward to in the Conviction project.

Conviction is undoubtedly a project to watch out for!

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