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Dear Diary, ‘. The loudest cries are heard in the… | by Rainbowbeast

With tear in her eyes and sense of hopelessness she sits in her room trying to get it all trying to pin point where she went room. Is it when she thought that saving the world was a good idea or the fact that she smelled food from the other room. Is it her need to solve for the impossible knowing that she did not have the means for it… People like her don’t save the world hell people like her are not even seen. No wait its her yearning to be loved to actually be held by someone anyone and be understood be seen… to scream and actually someone listen.

With tears in hers eyes and the optimistic inside completed burned from the realities of what like and the world is really like she tried to ration with her self and see the light coming from that dark eerie room where she called home… that light no longer gave hope that longer no longer shined.

That rainbow lost is melody and that glitter was not even dust… O the world how the many have tried to save it… how the many have tried and tried and taken from so many to try but what about the people living in that world… What about the ones that make that world that so many are trying to save are being consumed and devoured by the very action the hero are doing to save that world… “O world how the need to keep understanding you and fighting for you has demolished from the many times that you have lied…” she screamed with tears in her eyes.

She tries to look at the sky as a source of seeing the light but not even a star shined she know her story will continue to be dark and eerie with no sounds of color or lyric of sound. The artist in her has made her hate herself in my more occasions then not… the world has told her she is broken the world has turned her away countless and numerous times why would that end now … why cause there was a flutter of hope there was a dribble of a color purple from a day if rain and thunderstorm… no

And again she repeats No to herself with countless tears in her eyes, No there is no hope if the world can’t even save itself the who was she to even try. OOO the loud quite music of the colored black immersed rainbow… There is no letter or number that can in front of her that path of glitter and numbers that provided her joy and this need to keep going where no longer in her fors36ite… The darkest screams are loudest words heard from those empty lifeless eyes 6*its…the colors of pallet that once were the loudest to scream yet where the darkest to be seen… Could you really see a cockroach in that empty abandoned building that was left in the modern realistic almost surreal world… could you really find the unicorn that was unlike any other… that one super rare anomaly…

World the hope for you maybe yours alone as those that thought you could be saved no longer do… its could of been the last hope was her words as she continue to cry the world has continued to lie and show that no one story on a timeline no frequency is the same so she covered her ears and closed her eyes as a last attempt to longer here the cries. The Dark Empty Eyes that sat in the glittery enticing room was not the Reynbo that brought hope,

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