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NFT Book launch and new partnership — LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202305 | by Vivien | LikeCoin — Decentralize Publishing

Several NFT book projects are on the way, and today is the community call for the long weekend in Hong Kong. The call started by walking through several updates. First of all, the partnership with nowhere, a publishing house in Taiwan, was announced last week.

The publishing services are driven and led by Annie Zheng and kin jo, and the first book is with one of the top-tier novelists in Hong Kong, 董啟章. This book 《天工開物・栩栩如真》has already been sold out for many years and is now launching as an NFT book, currently available for sale. Anyone interested can visit Liker Land Bookstore and check out the details. This book is the first one to kick off the exciting year for them as they will be exploring different areas of content, focusing more on the novel side, which also has a collectives and scalability nature.

The next topic discussed was the demo of how one can buy and read the NFT book. It is shown that after purchasing the NFT book, by logging into your wallet, you will see the Epub or pdf version of the book that you can download and load to any of your reading devices. The author wrote the first chapter based on NFT and a side story, making it very interesting, and anyone who gets the book will not regret it. This book is limited to only 1000 copies, so if it is sold out, it will only be available on the secondary market. For this particular book, there is also a higher tier where there will be a physical artwork job for NFT holders.

In May, several more NFT books will be launching, and it is suggested to stay tuned and visit Liker Land often for updates.

The second topic discussed is the Osmosis exchange side, and the community are currently discussing the incentive match renewal on Commonwealth. It is proposed that there will be an external match for their current incentives on the LIKE/OSMO pool, and the proposal will be raised on the Osmosis mainnet. Osmsosis holders please support and vote.

Furthermore, Liker Land team are onboarding several more websites that use the LikeCoin infrastructure. One such website is the news media in Hong Kong called Web3 Projects Hub, which will highly utilize writing NFT. They also have their own gamification design around reading experience. As a LikeCoin holder, you will also get an NFT drop soon from this project hub site. The Liker Land team suggests that they collaborate with Liker.Social as they have a fun project that is highly aligned.

The Liker Land team is preparing for the Cosmos SDK 0.46 chain upgrade, and they will announce it as soon as they have a closer schedule and plan in mind.

Last month, Liker Land team was very active in various Web3 events, especially in Hong Kong. The team made several public presentations about their updates and received positive community feedback, which was great to share. They also had the opportunity to explore potential partnerships and funding opportunities, which the team is currently focusing on. In addition, there were several interviews with Tier 1 media outlets, which is exciting for the project’s exposure. The crypto industry is making a comeback, so the community should stay tuned for more updates.

The team is also actively in talks with Keplr wallet, with hopes of natively supporting it soon. This will enable the community to use Keplr wallet to manage their assets on the dashboard and mobile catalog wallet for voting or raising proposals for LikeCoin. It is an exciting development, and the team is pushing towards it.

The team encourages the community to share any other updates they may have. Pikaser expresses interest in Liker.Social’s new feature, and the team suggests that the best place to stay updated on Liker.Social is to visit their website. They have a banner that announces the latest updates, and everyone is encouraged to stay tuned for more developments.

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