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‘Car Showz’ Races To The Wax Blockchain on May 19th | by Digideez | May, 2023

Car Showz Wax NFT Collection

Digideez Wax NFT Studio Unveils a Collection Tailored for Car Enthusiasts. Introducing ‘Car Showz’: A Series of Wax NFTs Showcasing Stunning Digital Collectibles of Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks. These NFTs feature a captivating fusion of authentic photographs, coveted Collector’s Cars, and artistic creations by AI and the skilled Digideez Team.

Harnessing the power of the Wax blockchain, these NFTs enable collectors to possess a virtual rendition of their favorite automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. For passionate car aficionados, these Wax NFTs present an innovative avenue to proudly exhibit their adoration for vehicles while owning a fragment of their beloved rides in a digital realm. Unmatched by conventional physical collectibles, these NFTs bestow an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and individuality.

Collect Car Showz NFTS with a chance at digital and/or physical redemptions.

The collection drops on May 19th at 10am CT at:

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