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FitBurn to hold INO via NFTb Launch — How it Works | by NFTb | May, 2023

The NFT shirts are strictly limited. There are only 11,111 NFTs in the first batch! The first generation of the NFTs will also receive a label as “First Generation”. The supply of NFTs will never be higher than the demand. This means that when the first batchis sold out, a whitelist will be created before the next batchis released.

What is the Fitburn NFT?

Basically, the Fitburn NFT T-shirt is YOUR Fitburn membership. It’s a digital non-duplicatable shirt that earns you your tokens.
You can increase the performance of the shirt with boosts and upgrades etc.!

You can resell your NFT and possibly even make a profit or rent it out to other Fitburners in the app and thus earn passive income and earn money from the training that someone else does with your NFT.
You can buy multiple NFT’s and rent them to other users and generate revenue without losing the value of the NFTs itself.
The NFTs of the “First Generation” will later have a special value.

You need the NFT to fully use the Fitburn App and be able to earn Token.
You can either rent the NFT from another Fitburner, but then you earn significantly less with it, or you can buy one yourself. The NFT-T-shirt makes the money for the user. You can improve its effectiveness with boosts and upgrades. Each NFT is absolutely unique and is created especially for the buyer. The process is called “Minting”.

There are 4 categories of NFT T-shirts, which differ according to their rarity. The rarer the shirt, the more it can earn for the user.
Which shirt the buyer gets is decided by chance at the minting and cannot be influenced.

The Change from to

Anyone following Fitburn closely will have noticed that there has been a switch from to

The reason is, that Fitburn is now also an AI company and integrates AI functionalities. This is mainly for fraud protection and security features.

In the future, however, this will provide individual training and nutrition plans, special product recommendations, and even recommendations for suitable training partners from the Fitburner community. Fitburn is thus positioned for the future.

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