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Power your NFTs to unlock the artistic experience | by 3space Art (세번째공간) | May, 2023

‘The Art Pool’ allows NFT artists and collectors to streamline art across different audiences.


As our sixth NFT exhibition approaches, we would like to provide you with an update on utilizing the ‘Art Pool’ and its potential to elevate the experience for both NFT artists and collectors. You will be also receiving $PACE rewards if you decide to stake your NFTs before May 19, 2023 00:00 UTC so lets dive in!

What is an ‘Art Pool’?

The Art Pool is a contract on the blockchain network which allows artists and collectors to deposit digital art NFTs to participate in online and offline exhibitions and earn rewards.

NFTs that are whitelisted or minted at 3space drops can be a candidate for the upcoming digital art exhibition by depositing the NFTs a week before the exhibition.

The NFTs will be listed in the Art Pool so that the community can vote to choose which one will best fit the exhibition.

After the voting period, the NFT art with the most votes will be showcased for the exhibition!

Previous exhibitions: ART POOL | 3space Art

Art Exhibitions

At 3space, we look beyond the social and cultural merits of NFTs in cyberspace and focus on the adoption and widespread use of digital art by organizing as many online and offline exhibitions as possible. Every two to four weeks, we will host or co-organize an exhibition with different themes to reveal new drops by artists. In the meantime, we also want to save a place to showcase NFT art voted for and chosen by the community so that artists, NFT collectors, and audiences can enjoy and be directly engaged in the exhibition.

Utilizing NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are great at proving ownership and authenticity, but we also believe they can be used in other ways since they are programmable.

We wanted to use NFTs as the benchmark to streamline the process of exhibiting art from the artist to the audience. It can help the complex distribution structure in the legacy art market. The art pool is designed to automate settlements surrounding exhibition rights. The artist or NFT holder can deposit their artwork into the pool, delegating the exhibition rights before and during the exhibition period. All NFTs that are staked will be rewarded for participation, but the ones that receive the most votes will be selected for the exhibition and receive all the PACE tokens used to vote for other staked NFTs.

Art Pool Guide — We currently only support NFTs collected at 3space drops.

<Staking NFTs>

1. Log in or connect your wallet with NFTs

2. Go to Art Pool — Staking NFTs — Stake — Vote (Max 10,000 $PACE)

3–1. Please check which network the NFT was minted. We currently support Klaytn KIP-17 and Ethereum ERC-721 standards.

3–2. Click ‘Stake’, and a pop-up window will appear. If you have more than one NFT, you can choose which ones to list.

3–3. Once you approve the contract, the NFT will be sent to the list, and 100 PACE tokens will be airdropped

4. You can see the corresponding artwork in the art pool and may choose to vote using your PACE tokens.

5. You can unstake your NFT once the exhibition has ended.


1. Log in or connect your wallet

2. Go to Art Pool — stake — NFT ART POOL — Vote (Max 10,000 $PACE)

3. Click the vote button below the artwork.

4. A pop-up window will appear, and you will be able to enter the amount of PACE tokens you are willing to spend to cast a vote

5. Approve the transaction

6. Once the vote is complete, you can go back to the screen and check your voting status

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