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SupDucks Launches Arena Battle Game: Quetzal Returns! | by AustinXHare | SupDucks | May, 2023

Sup y’all!

The DuckGod experience continues with the return of Quetzal!

Read along to find out how you can participate in the upcoming arena battle experience for the ages…


The DuckGod experience is well underway…take a moment below to catch up on what we’ve done so far.

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  • February 21, 2023 — DuckGod Teaser
  • February 24, 2023 — DuckGod Origins Trailer
  • March 6, 2023 — A path is revealed. Users journey to the great pyramid where they are faced with a puzzle. Upon solving the puzzle a clave can be minted…but what for?
  • April 20, 2023 — Explore the Cave! Those who possess the mighty DuckGod Clave can now explore the hidden cave in the jungle. It is there, you’ll find ancient hieroglyphic clues. These clues, when pieced together, reveal an upcoming battle between KingFrog & Quetzal…We hope you’ve assembled your army!

What now?


The quetzal battle is a battle royale tournament for all KingFrog holders who choose to participate. You will need a DuckGod Clave and at least one KingFrog — thought the more frogs the better!

Inspired by other Blockchain battle games like Chainfaces Area and Cheese Wizards, the Quetzal Returns similarly has players battling for a prize pool and title of Last Frog Standing.

“This is truly an epic way to expand on the utility of NFTs! Never seen anything like this before.”

says community manager for SupDucks, OGDave.

The prize pool will start with 10 Eth committed by MegaVolt and grow as more entries are added each time a player joins the tournament. To join the tournament, users will deposit as many KingFrogs as they choose to battle the Quetzal in addition to an Eth entry fee per KingFrog.

Users can increase their players survivability with in-game power-ups. At regular intervals, based on a block timer, the Quetzal will eliminate players (KingFrogs) until the last Frog is standing.

The arena champion will be entitled to a prize, the size of which will be based on the number of entries in the battle. The tournament is expected to last around 4 weeks.

Created and art-directed by FrankyNines, the tournament highlights a reenactment of a key moment in the SupDucks origin story and recounts the tale of the DuckGod and his divine plan to create the SupDucks universe.


Q: What do I need to participate?

  1. DuckGod Clave
  2. KingFrogs
  3. ETH for entry ticket and optional power-ups

Q: How many entries can I have?

A: As many as you want, limited only by the total number of KingFrogs you own.

Q: How does the battle work?

A: The object is to defeat the Quetzal and this will be accomplished by the last remaining KingFrog in the battle. The Quetzal will randomly eliminate KingFrogs over the course of the tournament until the last frog remains.

Q: What happens to my KingFrog if it’s eliminated?

A: The KingFrogs will be burned forever, make sure to say your goodbyes.

Q: Is this battle the end of the DuckGod experience?

A: No, this is just a phase in the DuckGod narrative.

Q: What happens after the battle is over?

A: The Champion KingFrog will be awarded the ETH collected from entry tickets and power-ups.

Q: What are power-ups and how are they used?

A: Power-ups are items that can be purchased to fortify your KingFrog during the battle. They provide extra lives and can be thought of as similar to mushrooms in Super Mario Bros.



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