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Sono Story SS2 chapter #01 The brightest dark | by SONOSON | May, 2023

It must have sounded pretty weird if I say that a dark world is much more outshine than its name. But how dazzling is it? Hmmm… Imagine a city that is completely in black, dim, and gloomy including buildings, people’s dressing as well as masks that they’re wearing, yet… their eyes glow as lightning bugs; no, it rather looks like a small flame of candles.

Now simply imagine that we are on the street that is full with hundreds of crowds. It wouldn’t be so different from standing among a huge crowd walking around with two lighted candles on their head, and how bright would that be?!

“Seems like you have a lot of questions in mind,” said Lord Sono Nyx, the young lady who had brought me to the “Dark World ‘’ while I stood still, staring at the city’s bustling scenery. “Ah… so many questions. But the first thing that I want to know is that when they go to watch a movie in the cinema, how would they do? Would they be able to see the picture on screen with the blaze on their eyes like that?”

She chuckled before fading down the flare on her eyes into a hint of crimson shade “Oh, that’s how, the light can be dimmed down,” I responded with nodding to show my understanding. “And we were able to brighten up the light, too. It’s useful when you can’t find things. Or one with bigger eyes can use their light on eyes to boil water and make a coffee, heh-heh,” she continues her story telling amusingly as we walk along the main street till stopped by a square.

“That’s it, our destination,” said the young lady, pointing to the most majestic, towering dark building a few blocks away. “Lord Hades, one of the greatest powers in this city, is waiting for you there,” I looked after such a building, which didn’t seem to be amiable, with a heart pounding faster. Hope that this Lord Hades wouldn’t be so scary as his building design’s taste…

Keeping that hope in my heart, lower my head, and walk right behind Lord Sono Nyx to the next darkest and most glittering street at the same time. The atmosphere around me seemed to be confused, not much different from the current state of my mind that was full of restlessness and tension.

Then suddenly a thought came up…Should I follow after her like this or should I run away? Crowded people like this, there might be a way to escape. And so far as it seems to be that except for her, there is no one else to keep an eye on me. The only chance to get loose might be now…

Following her step by step like this, time for making a decision is less and less. What should I do?!! Arghhhhh!!!!

End of SS2 chapter #01

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