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Does the NFT industry have an impact on mental health? | by Timothy Adewuyi

The effect of NFTs on our mental health is usually underestimated. That needs to stop.

The mental health of workers in the NFT business has been the subject of much debate. It is possible that many NFT devotees have not noticed (some even make fun of it), but it has become necessary to express concerns and ask, “Are we all taking care of ourselves?”

In a heartfelt tweet, Alejandro Navia shared his experiences with burnout and stated his concern for the NFT community. It all started with him calling them his family and pleading for the consideration of their emotional well-being. We all tend to overwork and overthink, he said.

Is the NFT industry’s FOMO harming our mental well-being?

FOMO is a significant consideration in an industry that moves so quickly. When it comes to being on-trend, some of us feel tremendous pressure. Searching Twitter and Discord for relevant profiles and groups is a big part of this. You’ll inevitably overlook it sometimes.

In addition, it’s not like investing in the NFT market puts your personal life on pause. Natural disasters, personal issues, or pandemics don’t stop the NFT sector from going on. On the other hand, a week of inactivity can make it seem like months have passed. That can’t have been helpful for anyone’s sleep or mental well-being, can it?

Influencers are not helping matters.

Alejandro didn’t address the NFT community’s newfound power and influence in his tweet. In 2021, NFT Evening published a report accusing Lazy Lions of market manipulation. In addition, influencers are frequently accused of pumping up (or trashing) projects for their gain.

I’m also concerned that my actions may impact people’s decisions about whether or not to invest in a project. What if it ends up being a rug pull? Would my audience mind if I appeared to be biased? One’s mental health takes a hit when one takes on such responsibilities. This is why I always emphasize that this is not financial advice; you should always DYOR.

Solution: Take your mental health seriously

Our Industry is young, yet, fast and volatile, and we are still unveiling its potential. Both enthusiasm and fear might contribute to these problems with mental health. NFTs aren’t keeping people awake at night because they’re dreadful to do. We consciously decide to surround ourselves with people and things from this particular cosmology.

As a result, let’s allow ourselves some slack from time to time. There will always be a new mint tomorrow and next. And no new mint will be the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, regardless of what they boast. The NFT sector evolves swiftly, but you should know this may not always work in your favor. A rug pull regret is just as bad as missing out on the next BAYC in terms of tension.

Spending time with your loved ones is just as important as having an Animeta. Flipping a CyberKongz is equally as satisfying as a good night’s sleep. In fact, a real party is just as enjoyable as a virtual one. Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy and calm. Do not be afraid to get help from a therapist if necessary. Yes, it is well worth the effort.

It’s easy to get sucked into the NFT scene in a moment of global instability. However, there is little doubt that establishing personal boundaries is becoming more critical than ever. Heed the advice of the experts!

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