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NFEX will list Kanpai Pandas perpetual contract at 7:00 UTC on June 2, 2023 | by NFEX | Jun, 2023

Dear NFEX users,

We are excited to announce that NFEX will list Kanpai Pandas perpetual contract. The trading pair will be PANDA/ETH.

Trading for the perpetual contract will be available at 00:00 PST, 7:00 UTC, and 15:00 HKT on June 2, 2023.

The contract specifications are as follows:

Please note:

According to market risk conditions, NFEX may adjust contract parameters, including maximum leverage, initial margin, maintenance margin, and other important parameters. Additionally, trading with high leverage comes with high risks. Please take the time to assess your risk tolerance and investment objectives before trading. We strongly encourage you to trade carefully and responsibly. The contracts already launched on NFEX will be subject to the platform’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thanks for your support!

NFEX team
June 2, 2023 (UTC)

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Risk Warning: NFEX reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel this notice at any time at its sole discretion and for any reason without prior notice. The above information is for reference only. NFEX does not recommend or guarantee any assets, products, or promotional activities on this platform. NFT prices are highly volatile and subject to market risks. Your investment value may fluctuate, and you may lose your investment amount. You will be fully responsible for your investment decisions, and NFEX will not be liable for any possible losses.

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