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NFTs and Suprematism Art Style. A synergy of Suprematism and NFT art.

A synergy of Suprematism and NFT art.

Suprematism Art Style

Suprematism, an avant-garde movement created by Kazimir Malevich, was amongst the first radical developments in abstract art. Suprematism emerged as a quest for pure abstraction, driven by the pursuit of reaching the utmost limits of artistic expression. Suprematists sought to uncover the ‘zero degree’ of painting, the point beyond which the medium could not go without ceasing to be art.

Suprematism incorporated the use of squares, circles, and crosses for specific reasons. These geometric shapes were chosen for their simplicity, universality, and ability to represent the fundamental elements of visual expression. The square, circle, and cross possessed inherent qualities that resonated with the core principles of Suprematism, such as balance, harmony, and the reduction of form to its essential elements.

By utilizing these elemental shapes, Suprematist artists aimed to explore the purest and most fundamental aspects of art, pushing the boundaries of abstraction and challenging traditional artistic conventions. These geometric forms also allowed for a direct and immediate visual impact, conveying a sense of clarity and visual order that aligned with the movement’s emphasis on the fundamental building blocks of art.

Malevich delineated the evolution of Suprematism into three distinct stages: the “black,” “colored,” and “white” phases. The movement commenced with the black stage, exemplified by Malevich’s iconic “Black Square” (1915), which represented the epitome of the “zero degree” of painting. Another famous Malevich’s artwork is “White on White” (1918).

By delving into the depths of abstract art and exploring the possibilities of form and color, Suprematism emerged as a groundbreaking artistic movement, challenging traditional notions of representation and embracing the power of simplicity and geometric motifs to convey profound meaning and novelty.

The Suprematism art style’s emphasis on geometric forms, abstraction, and its historical significance make it relevant and captivating in the context of NFT art. It enriches the visual vocabulary, adds depth to the artistic expression, and contributes to the ongoing evolution of digital art within the NFT ecosystem.

Suprematism’s association with abstraction and non-objectivity allows for open interpretation and invites viewers to engage with the art on a subjective level. This quality aligns with the participatory nature of NFTs, where collectors and viewers can form personal connections with the artworks and derive individual meanings from them.

The Status NFT collection encompasses a diverse range of geometric shapes, including squares, circles, crosses, and triangles. These distinctive shapes contribute to the rich visual language of Suprematism art style, and their deliberate incorporation harmoniously aligns with the embedded social status symbolism, enhancing the overall significance and impact of the Status NFT collection.

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