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Shinhan Bank Advances into Metaverse with the Launch of Shinamon Season 3 | by CoinNess Asia | Jun, 2023

According to a report by local news media Dailian, Shinhan Bank, a prominent financial institution in South Korea, has made a stride in its metaverse endeavors. The bank announced yesterday the launch of Shinamon Season 3, a metaverse platform, accompanied by a series of celebratory events to mark its implementation.

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Shinhan Bank claims it is the first Korean bank to independently develop a metaverse platform. With the launch of Shinamon Season 3, the bank has merged the financial and non-financial realms, providing customers with access to a user-friendly platform that offers fun and engaging experiences.

In Shinamon Season 3, Shinhan Bank has enhanced its financial services by replacing mobile gifts with reward points and providing additional benefits to customers who make transactions through the bank.

After gathering customer feedback over the past two seasons, Shinhan has made enhancements to the platform’s environment and interface. Additionally, they have introduced the ability for customers to personalize their characters’ costumes. Looking ahead, the bank intends to leverage NFT wallets to help customers reach other platforms.

To celebrate the release of Shinamon Season 3, Shinhan Bank is organizing special events that will grant rewards to customers who join the metaverse. Participants of Shinamon Season 3 who engage in daily quests will have an opportunity to win enticing prizes, including electronic devices, free fried chicken coupons, and reward points.

A Shinhan Bank official said that customer feedback was given top priority in the preparations for the launch of Shinamon Season 3. The official added that will continue to reflect customer needs and integrate a diverse range of financial services. This approach aims to create a metaverse platform that closely resonates with real-life experiences, making it more relatable for customers.

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