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What is Dackie?. let’s break this topic into small… | by habibi qasthalani | Jun, 2023


In the vast and ever-evolving realm of the internet, Dackie emerges as a remarkable meme digital art that embodies the carefree and nonchalant attitude of a lazy duck. With its laid-back eyes and sly smirk, Dackie represents the epitome of coolness intertwined with the essence of laziness in modern life. Joining the Dackity community means becoming a part of a high-quality NFT meme community, contributing to the development of Web3 and NFT, and seizing exciting asset opportunities. Let’s dive into the world of Dackity and explore its unique offerings.

What is Dackity Community?

Dackity stands as a decentralized community, where both NFT and non-NFT users come together to utilize and evaluate the products created by Dackiers. Within the Dackity ecosystem, Dackiers are categorized into different tiers, with higher-tier members possessing greater voting power. Each Dackier contributes their own value to the community, fostering its growth and functionality, while also receiving recognition from fellow Dackie enthusiasts. This symbiotic relationship helps develop the income and reputation of every Dackier involved.

Benefits of Joining Dackity:

  1. Receive Recognition: By being a part of Dackity, individuals can showcase their personal value and expertise within the community, earning recognition from their peers.
  2. Showcase Your Personal Value: Dackity allows individuals to demonstrate their unique skills, talents, and contributions, fostering an environment of appreciation for diverse abilities.
  3. Receive Rewards: As a Dackier, you have the opportunity to receive rewards for your active participation and contributions to the community, creating an incentivized and engaging experience.

Dackie Collection:

Dackie embarks on a mission to build the premier Web 3.0 brand, hand in hand with its community. The ultimate goal is to create the largest community-driven NFT collection, offering real-world value and benefits not only to the Dackie community but also to the wider crypto community. By investing in Dackie’s collection, enthusiasts contribute to the growth and success of the brand, while enjoying the unique experience of owning exclusive and coveted digital art pieces.

Road Map:

Phase I: The Beginning of Dackity

1.December 2022:

  • Team Up and Finalize Idea
  • Launch Deggkies Collection
  • Establish Community Channels and Growth Community Tool

2.April 2023:

  • Implement Marketing and Growth Community Plan
  • Test DackieSwap (DEX) on Public Testnet
  • Test DackieSwap Yield Farming on Testnet
  • Introduce DackiePad (IDO) on Testnet

3.July 2023:

  • Introduce New Features to DackieSwap
  • Prepare DackieSwap for Mainnet (assumption)
  • Onboard Gen I Dackiers
  • Introduce $DACKIE Utility (Rewards, Tips, Dackity Currency)

4.October 2023:

  • Launch Dackity Job’s Structure
  • Implement Achievement System
  • Introduce Voting Mechanism
  • Onboard Gen II Dackiers
  • Organize Games Tournament

5.January 2024:

  • Upgrade Community Structure
  • Onboard Gen III Dackiers

And After That, What’s Next?

Phase II: Dackity Hacking

With the foundation of Dackity firmly established, the community sets its sights on the next phase of growth and innovation. Exciting possibilities lie ahead, including the exploration of a Dackie Metaverse, the introduction of Dackie Storage, the fusion of Dackie with social finance (Dackie Socialfi), and the development of a Dackie Wallet. The Dackity community eagerly anticipates these future endeavors, embracing the potential to push boundaries and redefine the digital landscape.


Dackity represents a unique and vibrant community, fueled by the charm and allure of Dackie. Joining this NFT meme community means embracing a laid-back yet driven mindset, contributing to the growth of Web3 and NFT, and seizing remarkable asset opportunities. By becoming a Dackier, individuals gain recognition, showcase their personal value, and receive rewards for their contributions. As the Dackity community continues to evolve and expand, the possibilities for creativity and innovation are endless, promising an exciting journey for all Dackie enthusiasts.

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