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FAQ: Sparrowswap OG April 2023 NFT | by Sparrowswap


🏴‍☠️ Hear ye, hear ye, Sparrowswap swabbies! 🏴️ 🦜

In early June, Sparrowswap released its Sparrowswap OG April 2023 on its gallery page to reward testnet participations from users. 🦜🏴‍☠️🪙

Here’s an FAQ for commonly asked questions and answers:

Question: How can I get the OG April NFT?

Answer: If you completed a mission on Blocked for Sparrowswap Mission 3 or 4, or filled out Sparrowswap Mission 1 or 2 Google forms, you should be minted an OG April NFT.

Q: How can I get a Powder Monkey or Seilor Discord role?

A: Go to Discord #get-role channel and click on “join” to gain a Powder Monkey or Seilor role. Owning an OG April NFT qualifies you as both Seilor and Powder Monkey.

Captain Autopirate auto-disbursing at #get-role

Q: I have OG April NFT but don’t have a Powder Monkey Role

Please try again in Discord #get-role channel and click on “join”. Our software has been updated.

Q: I have OG April NFT but don’t have a Seilor Role

Make sure that the wallet address you are using for verifying in #get-role channel matches the wallet address that has received an NFT on

Q: What if I missed completing Sparrowswap mission in April?

A new NFT mint is coming up right now. Please swap, stake, or farm with any Sparrowswap contract and prepare for the next mint! Meanwhile, please retweet @sparrowswapxyz on Twitter and join Discord to maximize your chances and support!

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