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How to Get a $10 Coupon. A $10 coupon is guaranteed to everyone… | by W3DNA | Jun, 2023

A $10 coupon is guaranteed to everyone who completes all Gleam tasks in their W3DNA account. This coupon can be used to pay for your next W3DNA domain purchase. Today we will explain how to get it.

Step 1

Go to and log in to your account.

Step 2

In your account, click on the “Subscribe via Gleam” button

Step 3

On the opened Gleam page, log in, using one of these options.

Step 4

Start completing tasks one by one by clicking on “+1” buttons.

Step 5

Complete all the tasks and go back to your W3DNA account

Step 6

In your account, open the Coupons section. There you will find your $10 coupon. Now you can copy this code and apply it to your next purchase.

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