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CoOM set to launch NFT card game this June | by Patricia Guevarra | Jun, 2023

Champions of Otherworldly Magic is an online fantasy card game where players collect and trade non-fungible token (NFT) cards. In June 2023, in preparation for their launch, they airdropped a collection of limited-edition cards to HandCash users that registered. These cards have been trading OTC as the game generates much-needed energy into the ecosystem. I caught up with the creators to learn more about the game and why they chose BSV blockchain as the blockchain to launch on.

In April, you tweeted about Bitcoin Ordinals. Did you initially plan to launch the game on BTC?

CoOM creators: Our strategy has always been to launch the game wherever we see potential users. We are not maxis of any chain in particular. In April, BTC Ordinals was all the hype, and we figured we could draw a crowd.

Why did you decide to launch via HandCash on BSV instead, despite the low price and lack of liquidity compared to BTC or other blockchains?

CoOM creators: For us to do a proper mint on BTC (10K cards) was quoted around 100K. BSV has a similar protocol (1Sat) and is much cheaper. Seems BSV has some passionate users that will give the game a go. Great place for us to start!

The art is quite unique, are the cards hand drawn?

CoOM creators: Our artist claims he painstakingly drew them all by hand. He’s basically a cyborg. Half human, half AI.

When does the game launch?

CoOM creators: MVP game will be ready at mint. Basically a beta. June 21, 2023.

How is the randomness for game pack mints determined?

CoOM creators: HandCash uses a math algo to randomly assign cards to a series of payment requests.

During the mint process, we (CoOM Battles) will randomly serve these requests to users who click ‘mint.’ This masks the reveal info from all parties.

What type of rewards will players earn from winning battles, tournaments, etc.?

CoOM creators: Soon, we hope users can earn BSV, CoOM coin, and many kinds of NFTs (Trophies, skins, unique game boards, sound packs, etc.).

The website refers to quests-could you elaborate on how those will work?

CoOM creators: Hoping to quickly implement rolling quests/missions that users can complete for different prizes. e.g., Win 3 battles with a FIRE heavy deck (at least 10 cards).

Players will need 25 cards to battle, and the price per card is around $1. How was this price point chosen?

CoOM creators: It’s a trading card game. There are tons of duplicates. We need tons of cards so players can play. We don’t want to price anyone out.

Will there be more details on the lore of the game and its Champions?

CoOM creators: Yes, currently being finished. Hope to have live on the site at launch.

Why not tokenize the battlefields, game boards, and worlds as well?

CoOM creators: Yes, exactly. Not only will we tokenize those, but we recently hired a composer to create some original music and sound effects. We hope to tokenize various audio packs you can use in-game as well.

Game will go live next week. BSV ordinals only right now. Working on BTC drop

– Champions of Otherworldly Magic (@CoOMBattles) June 11, 2023

How will a BTC airdrop work?

CoOM creators: Regarding BTC, we are talking to teams at Magic Eden and Ordinals Wallet. Likely will not be an airdrop but a randomized mint. Details coming soon.

Also, should mention we are talking with teams from LTC and DOGE as they have an ordinal protocol as well.

Thank you, CoOm Battles, for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope the readers learned more about the game and are excited to check it out!

This article was lightly edited for grammatical and clarity purposes.

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