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Maman Makes a Comeback with New Album and NFT Plans | by Mohamed DW | Pentas NFT Marketplace | Jun, 2023

A few weeks ago we were invited to an event organised by Meta Music Xtreme, it was an event to launch an album titled “Aku” by Maman.

Maman Makes a Comeback with New Album and NFT Plans

Maman, a prominent singer who rose to fame in the early 2000s, is making a comeback with his new album. In addition to the new album, Maman has also announced plans to release his music as NFTs.

Prior to this, Pentas’s team have been discussing with Maman and his team at Meta Music Xtreme the potential of blockchain & NFT. What is exciting about Maman is that he is an open-minded person and a natural learner.

He believes in and understands the potential of NFTs and the future of music distribution. NFTs will allow artists to connect directly with their fans and another potential revenue stream for the artists and their work.

Maman’s NFTs will be sold on the Pentas NFT marketplace. We’re excited to partner with Maman on this project! Maman is a talented musician with a loyal following fans & community, and we believe that his NFTs will be something historic because he will be the first singer to do so in our region!

Maman will set the benchmark and will be the catalyst for other musicians in the region moving forward on how to preserve their craft and be rewarded proportionately for their hard work.

Will the NFTs include exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage of the album recording process, as well as the opportunity to meet Maman in person? We shall find out soon!

One thing is for sure, Maman’s comeback and his plans to release his music as NFTs are a sign of the growing popularity of NFTs in the music industry. NFTs offer artists a new way to connect with their fans and earn more from their talent.

Interesting future ahead!

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