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NFT Market Analysis from June 14 to 21: Top 4 Performers | by Mickael Pesser | GhostWriter WEB3

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is a constantly evolving market, marked by volatility and diversity that make it both exciting and potentially lucrative. However, risk is also present, so conducting your own research is paramount. Here’s an overview of the four biggest performers this week.

Leading the pack, Voxies have experienced phenomenal growth of +565,900%. These are adorable, unique, and collectible 3D voxel creatures that live and play on the Polygon blockchain. The Voxies are not just collectibles, they’re integrated into a tactical role-playing game called Voxie Tactics. The Voxies market utilizes VOXEL tokens as currency. One caveat — the number of unique owners is higher than that indicated on OpenSea.

Coming in second, Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2 have seen an increase of +94,640.47%. This series features digital cards inspired by iconic moments from Donald Trump’s public career, including limited and autographed cards.

Mask World has shot up by +6,900%. This collection of uniquely algorithm-generated masks is inspired by the spirit of polymath artist Jordi Mollá and represents an artistic expression to be discovered in the digital world.

Finally, Clone X, saw an increase of +767.6%. This collection of next-generation avatars created by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami merges digital art and Murakami’s unique aesthetic to create collectible avatars for use in the virtual world.

And you, what NFT collection have you heard of recently? Which one do you own? I decode web 3 for you every day. Don’t hesitate to visit my website mickaelpesser for more information and to discover my personal investments in cryptocurrency at mickcryptotech.

Stay curious, stay vigilant, and always conduct your own research.

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