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NFT KBW KOLYADA BLUE WINTER. Magic and Slavic charms have been… | by Ladann Entertainment | Jun, 2023

Magic and Slavic charms have been intertwined for centuries, representing a mystical world of protection and good luck.
Slavic amulets are known for their good power, helping to find the right way, protecting from misfortunes and diseases, protecting from evil people and giving strength in difficult times.

It is important to remember that the power of these amulets lies not in their physical form, but in the faith and intentions behind them.
The Kolyada amulet is one of the most powerful and effective amulets.
It symbolizes the masculine principle, carries creative solar energy.
As it is clear from the name of the mascot, it refers to Kolyada.
The Slavs revered the sun and its life-giving power, and most of the protective signs somehow combine solar symbols.
The caroler refers to the symbols that show the eternal victory of good over the forces of darkness.
Kolyada himself was usually depicted with a sword in his hands, the tip pointing downwards.
This shows the ability to resolve the conflict, first of all, in a peaceful way, and only then — with the help of weapons.
The sign looks like eight rays, with perpendicular curved tails going clockwise.

For women, you can use this amulet only in difficult life situations when she needs to awaken in herself and pull out to the surface truly masculine qualities.

It strengthens and educates such character traits as fearlessness, wisdom, will to win, determination, self-confidence, prudence. All these traits are useful for a good military leader, but they are also extremely important for a modern man who wants to succeed in life.
The essence and functions of the amulet:
The victory of good over evil forces,
Preservation and continuation of the male gender,
Protection of home, family, people,
Increase of vital energy.

It is worth remembering that, like all Slavic charms, the Kolyada is able to help only honest and sincere people who respect themselves and others, are honest in their impulses and intentions. The amulet will not only not give its power to the evil and selfish, but it will also interfere with the path of life.

In conclusion.
Magic and Slavic amulets represent a mystical world of protection and good luck, deeply rooted in the culture and history of the Slavic people.
Their use has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to be a part of modern Slavic culture.
Although one can argue about their power, their significance cannot be denied, since they represent a connection with the spiritual world and the ancient wisdom of the Slavic people.

Based on this amulet, NFT KBW KOLYADA BLUE WINTER was created, which can be obtained by almost anyone.

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At the same time, you should remember that positive action can be expected only with pure intentions.
This amulet is activated from the moment you purchase the corresponding NFT KBW KOLYADA BLUE WINTER on the site @OpenSeaTutorials

When there is an exchange of energies — you give away a piece of what you own and, accordingly, and receiving NFT KBW KOLYADA BLUE WINTER, or expressing gratitude otherwise, activate the amulet.
I wish everyone to achieve their pure, true goals, well-being and prosperity!
For the good!

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