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NFT2.0 dApps & Cases Review. Envelop is one of the pioneers of the… | by ENVELOP (NIFTSY) | Jun, 2023

NFT2.0 dApps & Cases review

Envelop is one of the pioneers of the NFT2.0. More and more users and projects are beginning to realize the great potential of tokenization with programmable functions.

In this article we will tell you about different cases of NFT2.0 implementation.

Any project or launchpad can use this whitelabel to perform public sales based on FCFS (first come first served) or whitelisting aproach. Basic launchpad could be redesigned or built into a new interface involving just the smart-contract side.

NFT2.0 Launchpad

Festive gifts for any type of holiday, customizable and transferable.
Could be used as a marketing tool by any company. A new way to give or sell digital gifts with smart settings (time/event lock etc.). Whitelisting mechanics are also possible. For fests like Halloween, NY others can offer companies drop their tokens inside — for marketing purposes. Just put any fungible/nonfungible tokens inside a wrapped NFT, lock it till the time required, and send it as a gift envelope to anybody as a crypto gift.

NFT2.0 as Gifts

Easy get royalties on every transfer of your NFT by wrapping it with Envelop protocol and set up this feature.

On-chain multi-royalty for all with NFT2.0

Enhance the power of gaming items by adding skill tokens to their NFTs. Envelop’s approach to make game assets more customizable and gameplay breathtaking is implementation of skill-tokens inside game assets instead or in combination traits. Game issuers can adjust skills, for each will stand a token which could be placed inside collateral of wNFT and perform as: power, speed, armor, attack etc. Players will be able to buy or achieve skills and upgrade assets. When the game is finished if the game asset is damaged some skills could be reduced and players will need to refill missing skills to insure appropriate performance. Skill token approach gives to game issuers a new level of on-chain tokenization to provide maximum transparency and a new way of monetization and opportunity to switch even to a new model when they drop NFTs for free and just sell skills — it can improve the quantity of user base and attract new gamers.

Skilled dynamic NFTs

Upgradable SoulBound Tokens — confirmation of reputation, skill (upgradable). Envelop offer the ability to upgrade the reputation inside SBT via dropping reputation level/grade tokens inside (ERC-20 format) , when the SBT holder has achieved or executed some useful activity for his community. Thus we can easily build dynamic reputational models with on-chain proof. Aside fan communities could be used as proof, certificate, diploma, confirmation of skill/job skills etc. with opportunity to have grades and be dynamic.

Transactional reputation based on Upgradable SoulBound Tokens (SBT)

Selling tickets in the form of NFT has been pretty obvious. Why not make this ticket smart and put inside it some crypto assets? Use to create your online event and sell smart NFT tickets right there. Event organizers can use these tickets as gift boxes for visitors and additional marketing tool for sponsors, who can drop theis tokens inside such tickets.

Ticketing, subscription, content access via NFT2.0

SAFT wNFT (Safe Automated Future Token) — is a digital assets
delivery tool with wrapping and smart locks setting. Project distributes tokens in a form of wNFT and they are immediately tradable on the secondary market with no restrictions.

NFT2.0 as vesting contract for fundraise

Initial allocation offering (ILAO) is a new stage in the evolution of token distribution which makes ICO, IDO, IEO and so on a backward history and has already been tested in real practice. ILAO is plug-and-play token sale based on wNFT. Offer the whole scope from minting wNFTs with vested tokens, then placement them on SCOTCH (opened or closed sale section), further could follow listing on FinexBase with built in i-frame of SCOTCH with preset filters to display and buy only project’s token. Here we don’t help to fundraise, just give new technical tools — relations with VCs and marketing are onsite of the project. The offer only includes traffic provided by Finexbase and on their conditions (for the first project it is free of charge).

NFT2.0 for Token Distribution

Liquid Farming is a brand new way to farm tokens in the form of wrapped NFT and get yields without the limitations of farming 1.0. Liquid Farming easy to plug tool to perform farming via wNFT concept. Projects can use this tool to offer their community farming options. Main advantage is that when tokens are farmed, the owner gets tradable wNFT, which stands as a right of rewards claiming, and unstaking of tokens — so the owner can resell all his vested tokens and future rewards by just selling wNFT. Also it is a useful mechanic when farming is limited by the quantity of farmers/pool of tokens.

Liquid Farming with NFT2.0

Making NFT rentable without taking a pledge from a rentee/borrower drastically reduces barriers for GameFi players. This option is accessible with NFT wrapping protocol. New models of NFT part-ownership, passive income for owners, revenue-sharing. Delete entry barrier to gamefi — no need to buy and even pay for rental — just take, play and earn — then share revenues. Plots of land in Metaverse, advertiser places, passes, tickets, statuses, accounts, liquidity, virtual spaces, AR-objects — could also be rented.

NFT2.0 for non-pledge rental with automated on-chain revenue sharing

NFT crossing (CrossNFT) is a solution that enables safe token transfer between two blockchains in the form of wrapped NFT without using any blockchain bridges. This tool of liquidity transfer which risks only assets in process of transaction execution in the moment if hacked, no risk for liquidity pools as is now in bridge models.

Bridgeless crosschain transfers using NFT2.0

Unstoppable NFT pays for decentralized storing metadata itself and guarantees it to be safe. New approach to metadata management and storage. Now creators could offer buyers true NFTs which are guaranteed to be solid despite any issues with Google or AWS services, erasing risk of data to be deleted.

Content storage with Unstoppable NFT

Here you can find the deck — NFT 2.0. Programmable NFT — сreate free economic cooperation through programmable assets

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