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How to Mint Basic NFT Collections with Architech | by Trivium Node | Jul, 2023

Minting a basic NFT collection on Architech is simple and streamlined! This quick tutorial will show you what to expect before you dive in for yourself.

Architech Home Page

While there several ways to create an NFT collection, the easiest way is straight through the Architech Home Page. Simply click the image labelled “Create An NFT” to get started.

This will take you to the New Collection page. This is where you will put in the information about your collection. Only the Collection Symbol is on-chain and cannot be edited later. Everything else is part of the collection profile for Architech and can be edited by the one holding the address that created it. Ensure your images fit the recommended dimensions in order to avoid unwanted cropping. If you have any links to social media or sites associated with the collection, you can add that on the link page.

After you’ve entered all the information, go to the finish tab and click create collection. This will launch the NFT smart contract with you assigned as the admin. If you want the collection to immediately appear on Architech, uncheck the Hide Collection switch. By default it is turned on so you can mint the NFTs you want before revealing them.

After your collection is launched, to mint NFTs simply click your profile info box in the top right of the site, and select “Create NFT”.

The collections tab contains a dropdown of every collection you’ve launched and have admin controls over through Architech. Here, simply select the collection you wish to mint in.

Now enter the details you wish to include in the NFT metadata. None of this information can be edited later, so double check it to make sure it’s correct!

Next, add the image. Architech displays images in square orientation. While it’s not required that your images are the recommended size, it will avoid unwanted cropping on the website.

The Financials tab allows you to select royalties for the NFT sales. When the NFT is sold on a platform such as ours with support for royalties, it will distribute the selected percentage of the sale to the address entered. By default, your address will be entered.

After you’ve entered all your information, simply click Create NFT in the Review tab!

When the mint transaction is complete, clicking “View your NFT” will take you to the collection page of the NFT you just minted.

This is your collection home page. Every NFT in the collection can be viewed and accessed here, and the collection information can be edited by the collection creator. When you want to list one of them for sale on the market, simply click the image to go to the NFT info page.

To list for sale, simply click “List for sale” in the bottom right, and you will be able to enter the price you wish to list it for on the Architech marketplace!

This is only the first of several collection creation and management options that will be available on Architech! More methods will be added overtime. Our next update coming very soon will have tools for easily importing massive amounts of metadata for large collections, and randomized minting.

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