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The Art of Natural Beekeeping. Changing our Beehavior…. | by RMTerra | Jul, 2023

Changing our Beehavior….

10th June of 2023 was a great day :-), we implement our first Family of Bees in Barril de Alva on a Syntropic Forest and gave a local workshop to the Locals, partnership with ArtizenFund and the Artist Solange Matos.

The Bee Hives are the Layer 2 of RMTerra project to create more biodiversity in our forests, it’s not only Trees that a forest are made of, it’s a huge complexity and a web of milions of living organisms and families that live like us, in the same ground we call Mother Earth.

Our Bee Family was implemented as layer 2 in the forest where also our planted NTrees from Moonglade Collection are, in partnership with RMRK last year.

Beekeeping is not just about harvesting honey, it is a unique relationship with the bees. As a beekeeper, you’re responsible for providing a safe, warm, and dry habitat that allows the bees to thrive. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of natural beekeeping, which puts the bees first.

We interview Haico Laeven from Netherland to know more:

What’s Natural Beekeeping?
(Haico): Beekeeping is having an exchange with the bees. The beekeeper makes sure the bees have a safe, warm and dry place in an area with enough food to harvest.
As nowadays the bees are facing more threats then ever, it is also the beekeeper’s task to help them survive.
In my opinion the beekeeper is obliged to do this all in the most natural way possible.

When you start Being a Beekeeper ?
(Haico): Personally I started beekeeping straight after the 2017 fires. I already knew that I wanted bees but because of the fires (that destroyed so many beehives and natural bee habitats) it became a priority.

How difficult was to you to implement hives Locally ?
(Haico): First I asked the people of the local village for permission. They were very supportive. Because of their old age they couldn’t do it themselves anymore. After a natural beekeeping course I started beekeeping. Reading many books, blogs, researches and articles.
This to discover how I wanted to work with the bees.
While beekeeping I made many mistakes, I did a lot of things good. Not always an easy path, but it helped me getting experienced.

What is a fair share to you?
(Haico): As part of the exchange the beekeeper takes the surplus of honey from the hive. But only the surplus! Not like many beekeepers that take almost all the honey and give sugar water back
That is not a fair exchange and it will not make the bees healthier.
I think it will also affect the quality of the honey.

How Bees see the world?
I don’t know exactly how bees see the world. They see the colours different then we do. They are incredibly smart.
Especially if you realize that they have a miniscule brain. They found out that the bees can also see/know the difference between 1 and 0. (untill a couple of years ago they thought only dolphins and monkeys could do that).

Right now, we’re collaborating with brilliant minds from the NFT’s background to create an extraordinary collection that aims to revolutionize bee conservation. Our ultimate goal? To inspire and empower communities worldwide to come together and decentralize the implementation of more Bee Families in Portugal forests and beyond. 🐝🌳

Stay Tunned !

Thank you for reading!
RMTerra Team

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