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XFORGE: The Ultimate Mint Platform for Cardano Native Assets | by Unbothered Wolves

We believe that offering fair pricing for our users is best for the whole ecosystem. If you pay less for minting service fees, you’ll get more funding. Having enough development funds to execute your roadmap is important, and we especially know this as we are project developers ourselves. Our fees are affordable, but we will never sacrifice the quality of the services we want to deliver.

Unbothered Wolves holders mentioned below will be able to enjoy minting their personal NFTs for FREE and get a 25% discount if they ever want to release their own project.

Become a holder:

While we do have access to a variety of mint services, it is important to note that many of them have prohibitively high service fees. In addition, it is important to point out that the current operational methods for these mint platforms are quite complex for non-coding creators.

We’ve simplified bulk uploading and pinning to IPFS, which is arguably the easiest process to execute in the entire Cardano ecosystem. On top of that, creators can easily create their own sales page with whitelisting, etc.

Ultimately, we will not settle for purely mint services; more features will be added to the platform to improve the overall user experience. Some of these major features will include token airdrops (ADA, FT, and NFT) and image generation with metadata.

We’ve created a memorabilia NFT to celebrate the launch of XFORGE beta. Check-out the video animation!

⚒️ Memorabilia Mint Details
Date: Aug. 18, 2023
Time: 3 PM UTC
Supply: 100 NFTs
Price: 3 ADA
NFT per TX: 1

Policy ID: 5d8e076a51887e72b276d8fea2ec42686083bf2845f48467c7561fed

How do I qualify for the mint?
You must be an Alphalist or Wolf holder and verify your role on our Discord. The mint link will be posted on the holder’s private channel.

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