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“You Know What Would Be Cool?” Ep29 ft. MONAVerse | by Transient Labs

Welcome back to another episode of “You Know What Would Be Cool”. For those deeply embedded in the realm of NFTs and Web3, this is your destination for a mix of brainstorming and innovation. If you missed out, catch the full episode at here.

YKWWBC Ancestral Trees
Mint NFTs of family trees are enhanced with virtual holograms of ancestors, short narratives, and significant moments realized through 3D or augmented reality.
Riff: Envision re-living memories, replaying unique human experiences, or walking through the floor plans of an old home.

YKWWBC Memory Capsules
Encase treasured memories as virtual objects, sounds, or sceneries. These can be either shared or reserved privately in the metaverse.

YKWWBC Digital Fashion Week
Collaborate with fashion magnates to roll out periodic virtual clothing lines as NFTs. Users can procure and flaunt these on their metaverse avatars.

YKWWBC Digital Pet Sanctuary
Adopt and nurture virtual pets in the metaverse, each one being a unique NFT. These pets can socialize, develop, and even partake in virtual tournaments.
Riff: Link the virtual pet to an actual pet up for adoption. Like Pokémon, care affects transformation and rarity. Visualize a chip in the pet functioning as a token ledger.

YKWWBC Quest & Adventure Series
Design a chain of linked quests or escapades in the metaverse. Every hint or stage is an NFT, aiding users in advancing the narrative.
Riff: A scavenger hunt across various metaverse worlds, with NFTs as rewards.

YKWWBC NFT Talent Showcases
Organize talent exhibitions in the metaverse. The victors get their performances minted as special NFTs.
Riff: This could be hosted in Monaverse, leveraging its creative capabilities.

YKWWBC Digital Botanical Gardens
Cultivate unique virtual gardens with distinct flora and fauna, each personified as an NFT. These sanctuaries can be visited, and rare species can be exchanged or presented as gifts.

YKWWBC Historical Art Restoration
Digitally rejuvenate historical or deteriorating artwork and mint them as NFTs. Owners can appreciate a flawless digital iteration of a traditional masterpiece.

YKWWBC NFT Art Challenges
Hold regular challenges for artists to produce artwork centered around specific themes. The standout pieces are minted as limited edition NFTs.

YKWWBC NFT Art Puzzles
Artwork fragments that users can gather. Once a complete set is obtained, they can assemble the complete art piece.

YKWWBC NFT Masterclasses
Eminent artists can mint exclusive tutorial sessions as NFTs, offering insights and techniques to budding artists or enthusiasts.

YKWWBC Blockchain Registry
Envision a space where projects/builders/brands register their innovations. A timeline on the blockchain, like a Web3 Wikipedia, fueled by donations.

YKWWBC On-Chain Auction Interaction
Enhance on-chain auctions with token-gated chatbots for a more immersive experience for artists and bidders.

A dedicated space, reminiscent of the original iPod, for users to connect and listen to their music NFTs.

YKWWBC Metaverse Recreations
The thrill of virtual surfing, skateboarding, or even just cruising around with friends on bikes in the metaverse.

YKWWBC Blockchain Dive & Flight Logs
Modernize logging for scuba divers and flight trainees. Using the blockchain to validate each dive or flight, guarantees authenticity.

YKWWBC 3D Printed NFT Toys
Linking the physical with the virtual. Redeem NFTs to 3D print toys, potentially using sustainable or recycled materials.

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of NFTs and Web3. As always, your feedback and ideas are encouraged. Engage with us on Twitter and let’s make Web3 history together!

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