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MOMO IDO via NFTb Launchpad — How it Works | by NFTb | Aug, 2023

Below you can find all the details regarding the $MOMO sale on the NFTb Launchpad, including the dates and times of important events, token information, vesting schedules, and NFTb allocations and eligibility. If you have any further questions, please refer to our help center.

MOMO team will airdrop 100% of the tokens 5 hours before the listing; hence 4 hours refund policy will be manual.
During the first 4 hours of the listing time, users must send us 100% of the tokens back to get a full refund.
The wallet address to send the funds back will be announced in due time.


  • Private Pool: 22-Aug-2023 at 12:00
  • Public Pool: 22-Aug-2023 at 13:00
  • TGE: 25-Aug-2023
  • Listing on Uniswap: 25-Aug-2023
  • Claiming on NFTb: 25-Aug-2023 15:00 UTC


  • IDO Location:
  • Payment Token: $USDT (ERC-20)
  • Token Symbol: $MOMO
  • NFTb IDO $MOMO Price: 0.0000018 $USDT
  • NFTb IDO Raise: $25,000
    — Private Pool Raise: $22,500
    — Public Pool Raise: $2500
  • NFTb IDO Token Supply: 27,777,777,778 $MOMO
    — Private Pool Supply — 25,000,000,000 $MOMO
    — Public Pool Supply —
    2,777,777,778 $MOMO
  • Initial Market Cap at TGE: $400K



Depending on how much $NFTB you have staked, your personal allocation for each launch will change. Below are the detailed allocations and eligibility explanations for the MOMO IDO:


If the token price goes below the IDO price for at least 1 hour within 24 hours of the listing, NFTb will do a full refund.

NFTb has 4 hours refund window, during which the users can decide whether they want a refund or to claim.

a) Private Pool Allocation:

  • Platinum Members: 5.5x Allocation (Guaranteed — stake 100.000 $NFTB)
  • Gold Members: 4x Allocation (FCFS — stake 50.000 $NFTB)
  • Silver Members: 1.75x Allocation (FCFS — stake 37.500 $NFTB)
  • Bronze Members: 1x Allocation (FCFS — stake 20.000 $NFTB)

b) Public Pool Allocation:

  • Community Supporter: Allocation varies (need to stake 1 $NFTB)
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Members: Same allocation as the Community supporters, if any.

Allocations Explained 💡

All allocations will be released 1h prior to the launch.

Private Pool is exclusively available to Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Members who can purchase the tokens 1-hour earlier than the Community Supporters in the Public Pool.

Any unclaimed allocations will be made available in the Public Pool. Community Supporters will have 4 hour to purchase the tokens if any are left after the Private Pool closes.

All NFTb Membership holders will be able to participate in the Public Pool, in addition to the Private Pool sale.

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