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“Krapopolis” X Secret NFTs. Bringing Krapopolis Into The Future | by Legendao | Legendao

Bringing Krapopolis Into The Future

Dan Harmon’s highly anticipated animated series “Krapopolis” is dropping on Fox Sunday, September 24.

Krapopolis’ theme is reportedly about a dysfunctional mythical family bringing humanity into “civilization” kicking and screaming.

One thing the creators are doing to immortalize their tale is sell public NFTs that grant their collectors access to unique content.

But more and more people are waking up to the fact that privacy matters, especially on the blockchain.

It ain’t just boomers anymore

Legendao is the first platform to release a full-length feature film (Kevin Smith’s Killroy Was Here) as an NFT. We see many pain points that Secret Network can solve for any creator releasing entertainment NFTs.

Sticking with public NFTs is so last millenium when it comes to NFT tech.

We’re not exaggerating. A lifespan in Web3 is about 20 minutes.

That’s why going with an NFT plan based on the 2021 market (that’s what’s holding our own thing up, btw) is only for people who don’t mind being stuck in ancient history.

Secret NFTs, non-fungible tokens with enhanced privacy features, can bring the entire NFT strategy of Krapopolis out of the Stone Age by introducing features that traditional NFTs simply cannot replicate.

Love ’em or hate ’em, NFTs have rapidly gained prominence for their ability to authenticate ownership of digital (and physical) assets. These include artwork, collectibles, and entertainment content like “Krapopolis.”

But traditional NFTs aren’t gonna cut it anymore for the discerning collector.

One critical difference that Secret NFTs bring to the table is privacy. Secret NFTs come equipped with private metadata and ownership mechanisms. This means that collectors retain anonymity while creators gain unparalleled control over who accesses their work.

Yes, yes, both old-school NFTs and Secret NFTs can be used to grant exclusive content to NFT owners. But the privacy features inherent to Secret NFTs leave public NFTs in the dust heap of aeons past.

Untraceable Ownership

Traditional NFTs are associated with publicly visible wallet addresses. This makes it possible to identify collector wallets. And this enables targeted hacks. Some fans might even hesitate to engage with exclusive content for whatever reason, such as a hardcore metalhead being embarrassed to buy a Taylor Swift NFT and have it made evident to anyone who checks out his profile on Opensea.

Secret NFTs, however, lock it all down. They obscure the ownership details, allowing creators to share exclusive content without compromising the anonymity of their fans. But of course, collectors have the choice to make their bagz public if they’d like to flex.

This added layer of privacy lets fans engage with behind-the-scenes content or concept art without their personal information/online identity being exposed.

Private Engagement

While traditional NFTs grant access to exclusive content, Secret NFTs can add hidden on-chain randomness and give creative minds some serious tools to foster engagement.

For example, there could be:

-gaming quests with hidden loot boxes (a labyrinth to solve)

-gambling games where no one can use chain analysis to gain an advantage (throwing the dice to define the universe as per Greek myth)

-artworks that reveal themselves over time (a mosaic NFT that dusts itself off to reveal something like you see in the image below except with Krapopolis characters)

Theseus and the Minotaur

These kinds of ideas are only available via Secret Network and would hella (no pun intended) make the Krapopolis experience more immersive and exciting.

Curated Experiences

Creators can craft personalized experiences for individual collectors privately. This enables them to connect with fans on a more intimate level by delivering content according to what each collector likes as per purchase history — content no one else is aware of.

Exclusive Auctions and Experiences

If Krapopolis utilized Secret Network, it could facilitate private auctions or experiences accessible only to select Krapopolis collectors.

Bidshop is the first app that uses Secret Network’s Privacy-as-a-Service to do this. Even though they’re built on Polygon, bespoke sister contracts allow them to provide Secret Network native privacy for on-chain bidding.

Bidding on an exclusive experience or limited-edition content confidentially could be a pretty cool publicity stunt for Krapopolis. These bids level the playing field and give people hope that they may come out with something really valuable without anyone able to game the system.

TLDR: Cut the Krap — Use Secret NFTs

Privacy. Excitement. The lure of the unknown. Personalized engagement. You just can’t do that with public NFTs.

Give your collectors exclusive private content. Come up with new and better ways to engage them. Don’t compromise their privacy. And make them feel like they’re part of the story by creating a deeper and more immersive connection with them.

Give them more reason to buy your NFTs.

Krapopolis, hit us up. For more information — legendao at scrtlabs dot com.

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