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NerveNetwork Completed Crosschain Integration for Klaytn | by NerveNetwork

NerveBridge is the core product of NerveNetwork that has implemented crosschain for 27 blockchains, including : Ethereum/ Klaytn/ Base/ Ethereum Classic/ BNBChain/ Polygon/ Heco/ OKC/ Tron/ Avalanche/ Harmony/ KCC/ Cronos/ Arbitrum/ Fantom/ Metis/ Optimism/ IoTex/ smartBSH/ KAVA EVM/ REI Network/ EOS EVM/ Linea/ Polygon zkEVM/ CELO Network, and NULS. Since the launch of NerveNetwork, NerveBridge has assisted over 200+ tokens to circulate on other blockchains.

SwapBox is a multichain aggregator developed by Nabox Wallet, it aggregates liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges including NerveSwap. With SwapBox, users will be able to swap/ crosschain-swap multiple assets across the chains.

NerveSwap is a DEX built on NerveNetwork mainnet, due to it’s multichain friendly feature, various assets from different blockchains can be traded on NerveSwap with an absolutely low transaction fees.

NerveFarm is a Yield farming protocol that allows the NerveSwap liquidity holders to participate in farming. Any toekns based on Klaytn can build a farm on NerveFarm

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