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Navigating the World of Robots Farm: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play and Profit with NFTs | by Thammy Silva

Hello, Robots Farm adventurers! This game operates on the Zksync network and is an NFT game, allowing you to buy and sell in-game items. In this text, I’ll summarize the topics from the Robots Farm website to help you understand how to get started and profit from this game.

1. Accessing Quests: Embarking on Your Journey

To kickstart your adventure, head over to the quests section where you can choose between free and premium options. This is your gateway to a world brimming with challenges awaiting your exploration.

2. Finding Items and Crates: Treasure Hunt During Your Adventures

During your journeys, you’ll stumble upon items and crates that can be vital to your success. Make sure to explore thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss any of these precious finds.

3. Unveiling Crates with Items: Using Your Collected Items

Utilize the items you’ve gathered to unlock crates and discover their contents. Each crate conceals a special airdrop, adding an extra layer of excitement to this moment. You can also buy them on the secondary marketplace.

4. Discover the Airdrop: Unveiling Exclusive Airdrops

Upon opening crates, you’ll have the chance to reveal unique airdrops. These are true treasures, adding an element of surprise and thrill to your gameplay.

Quests: Your Gateway to Treasure

Missions are the pathway to earning valuable rewards in Robots Farm, categorized into two main types:

Daily Free Quests: Even if you think your wallet doesn’t contain much, don’t worry! By accumulating 20 points, you’ll unlock daily free quests. Even old wallets with transaction history can reveal treasures. Daily free quests offer an 8% chance of finding crates, in addition to a guaranteed item drop.

Premium Quests: For avid farmers and those with extra points to spare, premium quests are an excellent choice. Here, not only can you discover more items, but some item rarities are guaranteed. Accumulate enough points for your desired quest and make a wish upon your lucky stars!

Guilds: Join Forces for Greater Rewards

Find your team and create a guild. Combining forces generates more strength, more Robots Farm tokens. Joining a guild has its advantages. As a first-time guild member, you can receive up to 5 additional points. The bonus structure is as follows:

  • Free players gain 1 point.
  • Players who make in-game purchases earn 5 points.
  • If a free-playing guild member decides to purchase points, both the member and the guild receive 4 extra points in addition to the initial point.

Guilds in the top 3 will receive points distributed across the entire guild, so join a strong guild to earn more points and progress in the game. However, to be eligible, players must complete at least one mission.

Claiming Mission Rewards

Every mission presents an opportunity to acquire rewards, including XP, items, crates, and more. Remember that your rewards are based on NFTs, which means you can list them on the market at any time for easy trading.

Items and the In-Game Marketplace

The in-game marketplace in Robots Farm is truly innovative, drawing inspiration from Uniswap’s architecture. “Magic” items are absent here. Price dynamics genuinely reflect market sentiment, providing an efficient platform for trading desired items. Stay vigilant, as item prices can fluctuate rapidly, rewarding attentive traders.

What’s Inside the Crate?

The crates in Robots Farm are true treasures. They contain tokens reserved for an imminent DEX (Decentralized Exchange) launch, offering an incredible opportunity for liquidity farming and integrated staking. Luck may smile upon some, revealing passes or even a free mint — your passport to the ever-evolving game economy tied to our decentralized exchange.

Earning Points on Zealy or Inviting Friends to the Farm

We at Robots Farm believe in community-driven growth rather than relying on influencers. We allocate our marketing resources to reward our player community for their contributions. Engage in missions, bolster our ranks, and be duly rewarded as you continue your gaming saga.

Agora que você está armado com este guia completo sobre como mergulhar no fascinante mundo de Robots Farm, é hora de embarcar em sua jornada. Prepare-se para a emoção, as recompensas e a inovação que este jogo NFT tem a oferecer. Boa sorte, aventureiros!

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