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Loot Royale Play Guide (EN / CN). Loot royale is a fast-paced battle… | by AW Changelog

Loot royale is a fast-paced battle royale game with heavy loot NFT references. Users can summon game characters using their loot NFTs through on-chain ML and decentralized storage. We will abstract realm NFT’s map into a pixelated board (think Catan Island with a battle royale twist) and use a random algorithm to determine the shrinking zone in each round of battle royale.

In this play guide, we will provide a brief overview of the basic operations in Loot Royale.

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First, let’s open the official game website:

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right corner to connect your wallet.

Once connected, it will display as shown. Click the red button within the red circle to create a burner wallet.

A popup will appear, asking you to add a network. Click “Approve” to proceed.

Next, another popup will prompt you to sign, which binds the burner wallet to your current connected wallet. Click “Sign” to confirm.

Open your MetaMask and make sure you are on the same network.

Return to the game’s official website. You’ll see the green button spinning; wait a moment for it to complete.

After loading, click the red-circle button in the red circle. This step is for claiming test tokens.

Clicking it will take you to

Choose “Sign In with Twitter.”

Upon redirection to Twitter, click “Authorize App” to grant authorization to your Twitter account.

Once authorized, return to the game’s official website and copy the burner wallet address generated earlier.

Paste this address into the faucet website and click the “Claim” button.

With this, you have completed claiming your test tokens named BLADE. Please note that you need at least 3 followers on Twitter to claim, and you can request only once every 24 hours.

Returning to the game’s official website, you will see the BLADE test tokens you just claimed.

Creating a Room

Now, let’s become the room host and create a game. Click on “Create Game.”

A window will pop up, and you can modify the value within the red circle. This value determines the amount of BLADE test tokens each player needs to stake to join the game.

Once configured, click “Create.”

Refresh the page, and you’ll find the room you just created. Click “Join.”

Now you’re in the game. In the top-left corner, “Game Status” displays the current status of the match, which is “Pre-Start” at the moment.

Here, you can check the players’ status (ready or not).

The room owner’s information is displayed here.

This section shows “Fighting Power” (FT), which is each player’s combat strength, followed by their blockchain addresses.

On the left side, you can see the total BLADE test tokens staked in this match. On the right, the progress bar corresponds to the block time; each player can move only once within the same progress bar.

The bottom bar, from left to right, has the following functions:

  • The first button on the left is for the host to start the match, requiring all players to be ready.
  • The second button on the left is to vote for pausing the game. Pausing requires a unanimous vote from all players.
  • The middle button is for players to get ready.
  • The second button on the right is for players to leave the room before the game starts (only usable during the “Pre-Start” phase).
  • The rightmost button allows you to stake test tokens and join the room.

Currently, we only have one player in the room, which is unable to start the game, so we wait a while for other players to join.

Joining a Room

Switching to another player’s perspective, click “Join” as indicated by the red circle in the main menu to join this game.

Next, click the golden button in the bottom right corner to enter the game. Clicking this button stakes the corresponding amount of BLADE test tokens and joins the game.

Click the middle button to get ready, then wait for the room owner to start the match.

Basic Gameplay & Process

The game begins. The game map is randomly generated at 10×10 in size. Characters occupy one grid space, and chests occupy another. Chests spawn randomly anywhere on the map, except where characters are standing. In a 1v1 game, one chest spawns. In a 1v1v1, two chests spawn, and in a game with four players, three chests spawn.

Gameplay is straightforward, involving just two actions:

1) Left-click: Use the left mouse button to click on any of the four grid spaces surrounding your controlled character (indicated by the yellow squares) to move in that direction.

2) Right-click: Click the right mouse button to make your character move back to the previous grid space (in the blockchain, this cancels a transaction that hasn’t been sent out yet).

If, after a dozen seconds or so, your character’s yellow-grid squares don’t change, indicating a possible stall, you should right-click to move back and then attempt to move forward again.

Now, let’s talk about the chests: Both P1 and P2 move to the positions of different chests and interact with them. We can see that P1’s fighting power (FT) increases by 5 points, while P2’s FT decreases by 55 points. Chests serve two purposes: they can either increase or decrease your FT. When your FT increases, your chances of defeating an enemy in combat improve. However, if your FT decreases to zero, your character dies.

The outcomes of opening chests are randomly determined by the blockchain.

Subsequently, P1 and P3 move to the same grid space, triggering a battle. As we can see, P3 wins the battle, and P1 loses with an FT of 0, exiting the match. The probability of winning for both sides in each battle can be calculated using the formula:

Winning Probability = Player’s FT / (Player’s FT + Opponent’s FT)

Now, let’s see what unfolds in the later part of this match.

P3 is pursuing P2, preparing to eliminate the wounded P2. However, P2 opens another chest, which unfortunately decreases their FT, leading to their loss in the game.

In the end, P3 emerges as the victor of the game and receives BLADE test token rewards.

The objective of the game is to survive until the end, eliminate all opponents, and WINNER TAKES IT ALL.

With this, we have a comprehensive understanding of the basic operations and combat rules in Loot Royale, hoping that this play guide will help you enjoy an exciting and innovative gaming experience!

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