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Announcement: Reopening of “nft soldout” | by nft soldout | nft soldout | Oct, 2023

Dear valued users,

We’re excited to announce the reopening of “nft soldout”!

As part of our continuous commitment to serve you better, we have made significant updates:

🌐 Updated Evaluation Criteria
In April 2022, “nft soldout” updated its evaluation criteria to align with the evolving NFT market. Over the past year, we have shared various NFT appreciation methods with our users. By analyzing the appreciation methods suggested by many, we found areas lacking in the criteria that “nft soldout” previously provided. As “nft soldout” is a platform primarily focusing on the appreciation and critique of NFT art, we have refocused and adjusted our appreciation method accordingly. The new criteria focus on four major aspects: 1. Future Value, 2. Expected Duration of Appreciation, 3. Empathy, and 4. Presentness.

Many felt that these four did not intuitively account for the potential future monetary value, which many consider when looking at NFTs. Thus, in the updated appreciation method of “nft soldout”, we added “Future Value”. Moreover, in the realm of NFT art, capturing attention instantly was seen as vital. Hence, we are introducing a new criterion called “Expected Duration of Appreciation”. The previous Universality, Narrativity, and Originality have been consolidated into one criterion called “Empathy”. Lastly, the original “Completion” has been renamed to “Presentness”.

We encourage all our users to familiarize themselves with the new criteria as outlined in Table 1.

[Table 1. Updated Appreciation Evaluation Criteria]
[Table 2. Previous Appreciation Evaluation Criteria]

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